Who is involved in digital strategy?


The digital strategist is responsible for the long-term planning and decision making of a web project. They are the problem solving wizards. In fact, it is up to them to combine the various needs, if not the business, branding and marketing objectives of the company.

To this must also be added the ability to respond to the specific wishes of customers. Because having a digital strategy that has no correlation with the company one is like having two magnets with equal poles. They will reject each other and will not lead to the desired or required results.

Therefore, a good digital strategist is the one who manages to synthesize all these elements in order to implement them in the best roadmap. Not infrequently in large and medium-sized companies they work directly with the company’s stakeholders in order to have a clear and detailed understanding of what the challenges are to be faced.

A competent digital strategist must have a broad, deep and global vision of the online world, but not only. It is a profile as sophisticated as it is complex, capable of moving from the more technical side of the web, to corporate marketing bases, and project management, if not pure business.

Furthermore, a digital strategist must be able to understand the mechanisms at work in any digital product or service.

So, in addition to having to be able to plan and coordinate everything, he cannot avoid thinking strategically, step by step. In any roadmap, being guided by strategy is essential, but one cannot remain short-sighted in the approach. It is one thing to develop solid digital strategies and another to be able to activate them, and change them, if necessary. And this is the ability to make a digital strategist excel.

The 7 basic skills of a digital strategist

Looking around, and reading the announcements of companies looking for these figures, one can be amazed by which and how many skills and competences such a figure should contain. Below we list the 7 main ones:

He is able to communicate and implement the requests of business stakeholders, marketing and technology managersDefines and manages an integrated digital strategy, considering the management and monitoring objectivesIt is able to communicate, effectively, directly with customers to define business, marketing, digital and technological objectives

Creative problem solver, is able to read and interpret a set of inputs and facts, in order to implement the best proposal and / or solution strategyExcellent in identifying priorities related to digital monitoring, if not those related to measuring marketing and business performance

He has strong analytical skills in evaluating ideas, considering priorities in initiatives, quantifying advantages and disadvantages based on performanceConfigure, manage and integrate a wide range of platforms and standard commercial marketing technology tools (COTS)


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