What is door monitoring or door status monitoring?


For each activity carried out online you can measure the results with precision. If you think about it it’s great, isn’t it? You can monitor the website to find out which advertisement works the most or you can know exactly how many views of your latest post on Facebook.

However, we must enter into the perspective of wanting to do it in order to improve, to understand what worked and what didn’t, where to concentrate investments and where to take them off and much more.

To do this, there are several measurement systems that you can install on the site easily and above all for free. The most famous and widespread is certainly Google Analytics.
What can be measured with Google Analytics?

Thanks to this precious tool that Google makes available to us for free, it is possible to obtain a lot of information about what happens on the website in a given period of time, possibly comparing it with a previous period to evaluate the deviation.

  • These are the main parameters
  • The amount of visits to the site
  • The number of visitors to the site divided by source of origin (e.g. from Google, Facebook, etc.)
  • Visitor demographics
  • The geographical areas of origin of visitors
  • The objectives achieved, for example how many people have filled out a contact form, broken down by source
  • The conversion rate, i.e. how many users contact you compared to the total visits
  • The most visited and least visited pages
  • The keywords most used to find you on Google
  • The flow of visitor behavior on the site

Door monitoring systems allow you to have an overview of the status of all doors in a building complex at any time. Door status monitoring informs the user about the possible status of the individual doors:

  • ·The door is open?
  • The door is closed?
  • Is the door locked?

However, the port monitoring system also allows other information to be exchanged. Eg. it is possible to issue a warning if a door remains open for too long and has not been closed.
Monitoring of
Possibility for door monitoring

The simplest form of door status monitoring is electrical door monitoring. This type of monitoring is used, for example, to avoid the improper use of rescue routes. In this respect, the escape doors are not blocked in the escape direction, but only monitored.

By monitoring the door contacts, it is possible to easily discover the unauthorized opening of the escape door, providing the relative signaling with an optical or acoustic alarm. Reporting is also possible centrally via networked systems. By using combined systems, consisting of locks with pressure monitoring, an early warning function can even be implemented.Door monitoring by digital locking system

Mechanical locking systems are now a thing of the past and are gradually being replaced with digital, comfortable and modern locking systems. This allows you to take advantage of multiple new possibilities when it comes to constantly monitoring the status of the doors.

With a traditional digital locking system it is possible to easily check who has had access to a door and when. In many cases this kind of information is sufficient. However, there are also port monitoring systems available, which provide particular status information and are able to indicate different port states.Door status monitoring systems for special purposes

In the case of doors such as external doors, fire doors, server room doors or medicine cabinets, it is important to indicate not only the “open” or “closed” status through the door monitoring system. In some cases, intelligent door status monitoring is necessary to obtain unambiguous information and to be able to intervene in a manner appropriate to the situation.

With a system of this type, the sensors in the cap screw and in the cylinder monitor the state and changes in state of the door.The status information can therefore be forwarded directly to eg. to the facility manager or security personnel.


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