What is digital transformation?


What does digital transformation mean?

Digital transformation is the use of technology to transform analog processes into digital. We have contact with digitization in all areas of life: from smartwatches to home assistants controlled by artificial intelligence. Digital transformation relates more to the way technology has revolutionized the way businesses operate with new domains such as machine learning, big data, and the Internet of Things. Your brand doesn’t have to worry about such complicated matters yet, but you definitely need some kind of digital transformation strategy.

What is the impact of digitization in business?

The digital transformation of business is a bit more complex than the transition from traditional mail to email. It is about using technology to improve customer service, supply chain, stakeholder management, and overall business processes. So when we talk about digital transformation, we mean real transformation. To take full advantage of digital technologies, you need to prepare for the full transformation of your business. If your work is still analog, it’s high time to digitally change it.

Why should every company use strategies in digital transformation?

There are endless reasons why every brand should go digital – and not just because the whole world already does it. The business strategy of any new start-up is essentially digital these days, as older processes are giving way to newer business models. These modern brands don’t face the digitization problems of older companies. This is due to the fact that younger enterprises are one step ahead of others in terms of operational efficiency. This means that if you want to grow your brand, you need to align your workflows with the digital age.

But it’s not just about beating the competition. Switching to digital technology can do wonders for your team, corporate culture and overall productivity.

Examples of digital transformation

Switching to digital tools for business doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. Sometimes even the smallest effort can result in success and this has probably happened more than once in your life. All of the following points can be part of a digital transformation:

  • Digital banking
  • Digital shopping coupons
  • Digital loyalty cards
  • Click-and-collect services
  • Online self-service accounts for customers

All these changes may seem minor, but they were actually made using automation that made the service easier to use. And this, in turn, makes customers happier.

What are the benefits of digital transformation?

The advantages of moving to a digital environment are simply undeniable. Here are some ways to improve your brand:

Improve resource management

This is a filing cabinet, files on the desktop there, one program for one team, another for another … The old ways don’t work. Digital processes such as cloud computing and storage can unite your team by providing them with a single, centralized online data center. This means that the collaboration that used to be such that the sales department handed a document to the finance department in a spare moment can now be done in a flash using a secure and protected shared folder.

Documents, photos or even long videos can be safely stored online. You can easily access them from anywhere from a computer, laptop or mobile device.


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