What is digital reputation?


Everyone has probably heard of digital reputation at least once in their life. When we talk about online reputation, we refer to all the data on the web relating to a company, an association, a product or a service.

Nowadays, online reputation is essential for all those who own a company, a brand or simply a site. Not only that, however: in recent years this concept has also expanded in the political sphere, so much so that it is often and willingly used during election campaigns.

After all, online life is not that far from real life. In fact, just as in real life decisions can be influenced by negative or positive opinions, this is also the way it works on the web. As in life, however, the reputation on the web cannot be bought but rather, it must be conquered over time with calm and patience.

In fact, it seems obvious that reputation takes time and that it greatly influences choices: it is quite logical, in fact, that if you are looking for a product or a service, and you find yourself having to choose between two products or two practically identical services,

the your choice will always fall on the service or product that boasts the presence of the greatest number of positive opinions.Web reputation can be divided into three macro areas:

Web areaLegal areaCommunication areaBeing present on the web, even with a negative reputation, is always better than not being there. This is because reputation can always be improved through sound strategies.

What are the factors affecting online reputation?

We have seen that online reputation includes all opinions on the web about our brand, company or site. This parameter obviously does not depend either on you alone, or on what users on the web think. It is in fact something that depends on both external and internal factors.

When we talk about internal factors, we refer precisely to everything published by you within your site or page, such as content, products, services or other.By external factors, on the other hand, we mean the set of reviews and opinions on the web about you: in a nutshell, what people think of you.

Why is online reputation so important?

Previously we compared online life to real life, stating that the opinions of others condition the decisions to be made in both cases and therefore from this point of view we are talking about two rather similar worlds.

Word of mouth therefore exists both in the real world and in the digital world. However, if word of mouth is the factor that somehow unites these two worlds, it is also what in a certain sense divides and differentiates them.

On the web, in fact, it is much easier to express one’s opinions and ideas and above all, to get them to reach thousands and thousands of users on the web within a few minutes.
In fact, this is precisely the reason why the web reputation assumes such importance nowadays. It is also important to remember that:


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