What is digital reputation and how is it monitored to improve the performance of your company?


Digital Reputation or Online Reputation is an aspect of the web that is becoming increasingly important, as many realities (activities, companies, shops, communication, etc.) move from analog to digital.

If you are an entrepreneur and you think it is not that important because your customers are already loyal or because you can convert even without a curated and monitored online presence, then perhaps this example will change your mind.

Let’s go back a dozen years, and fly over the Atlantic Ocean. We are now in the USA, around 2008. In the country with stars and stripes, John McCain and Barack Obama are competing for places in the White House. The former has a very large budget, which cannot be said about the latter. But who won? Barack Obama.

Despite the much lower budget, he managed to win the consent of the voters thanks to an excellent communication strategy that was based on a winning web presence and on the constant and rigorous monitoring of his digital reputation. This allowed his team to capture user sentiment and then modify their campaign based on this.

If we have convinced you of the importance of online reputation, let’s go ahead by analyzing what digital reputation is and how to monitor it.
What is digital reputation and why you should know it

Digital reputation is the opinion spread online about products, services, projects, events or people. It consists of what users post online, via social media, websites, blogs or platforms designed for reviews.

Now that opinions are spreading like wildfire on the web, constant and accurate monitoring of your web reputation is essential to prevent a negative publication from irreparably damaging the brand to which it is addressed. But above all, the company can understand which product or service is most appreciated, which ones do not arouse interest from users and which ones they don’t like.

In this way it will be possible to improve the online communication and promotion strategy, thus being able to create targeted online advertising campaigns, saving considerably on the budget and making it pay off to the fullest.

How to monitor a brand’s online reputation

Once you understand that knowing your web reputation is one of the cornerstones of the online promotion strategy, you need to know how to monitor it. Digital reputation monitoring is mainly based on two main methods that can be used free of charge by everyone and by special tools, many of which are subject to a fee, for which more advanced knowledge is required.

  • Manual search
  • Google Alerts
  • Appropriate Tools
  • Manual Search.

Who has never been Google searched? Many have succumbed to temptation and typed their name on search engines. Vanitas Vanitorum. But if you did it for your name, why don’t you do it for your company too?

The first way to monitor your online reputation is to arm yourself with patience, open Google and social networks and type in your brand name. In this way you will first see the reviews, left on Facebook, on the Google My Business card or in specific review platforms.

By scrolling through the search results, even beyond the first page, you can find sites external to that of your company that name you, as well as you can find on social posts or hashtags that concern you.Google Alerts.

Google offers its users many useful and free tools. These also include Google Alerts.This Google tool lets you know how and when your company was named. Above all, you will be able to access the page where there is a mention of your brand.Using Google Alert is as easy as using any Big G tool as it was built to be as intuitive as possible.


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