TS System


Health expenditure data to support the pre-filled tax returnAmong the various data that the Revenue Agency processes in order to be able to prepare the Pre-filled declaration, there are the health costs incurred by citizens during the year.

Due to the sensitivity of the data, in 2014 the Privacy Guarantor established that the detail of such information should be collected by the TS System and sent to the Agency in an aggregate manner.

Since 2015, a growing number of health professionals have been reporting data on health costs of private citizens to the  with almost total coverage of the possible types of providers. The TS System annually:

acquires over 770 million expense documents;by over 260 thousand health workers (doctors and dentists, health professionals, pharmacies and parapharmacies, specialist structures, etc);for a total amount of over 34 billion euros.

The TS System provides citizens with the online Healthcare Expense Consultation function which allows them to view the expenses acquired, with the ability to report any inconsistencies in the data to the operator.

Furthermore, in February of each year, citizens can exercise the right to object to the sending of expenditure data to the Revenue Agency, indicating which health payments they wish not to be used for the preparation of their tax return.Find out more:Health Card Project Portal – 730 Healthcare ExpensesBack to the projects listHealth exemptions for income

Citizens who respond to specific personal and social conditions associated with certain income situations can exercise their right to exemption, obtaining the total or partial exemption from paying the ticket, i.e. the share of participation in health costs required by

the National Health Service and Regional.On an annual basis, the TS System makes available the list of clients to whom this right is recognized, based on the information in the possession of the Revenue Agency and INPS.

The assisted person who wants to verify his / her presence or not in the aforementioned list, can do so physically by going to the Healthcare Service at his / her General Practitioner, or electronically and independently,

by accessing the dedicated function of the TS System, if he / she resides in the regions for which this service is provided.The client who, despite having the requisites for exemption, is not in the lists, can fill out a special self-certification.

Disease certificatesThe TS System allows effective telematic management of the sickness certificates of public and private workers, acting as a connecting element between the doctors of the Health System and the competent bodies (INPS and INPDAP) for receiving the certificate of absence due to illness. .

As part of this functionality, the authorized health facilities can also send the hospitalization commencement communications and the related sickness certificates upon discharge.Back to the projects list

Electronic Health Record (ESF)The project relating to the creation of the national infrastructure for the interoperability of Electronic Health Records represents one of the most important innovations in the field of e-health.

The collection of documentation relating to the entire clinical history of a patient thanks to the Electronic File allows a qualitative and quantitative enhancement of the information useful in order to provide the most suitable health services.

In fact, through the Electronic File, all information is stored and can be consulted in a timely manner, making the use of resources even more effective, pursuing the appropriateness of care and enhancing health planning tools.

This project is made possible by the complete digitization of health documents through standards shared by the regional and European electronic files. The digital documents, stored on secure systems, are accessible to healthcare professionals only after the consent of the citizens, who will be able to consult the access information at any time.


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