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Digital technology is now one of the most valid allies to grow a business, whatever it is. But for this to happen in the best way you need to have a clear digital strategy. We explain what it is and how to do it.

Any business now has to deal with digital technology. But too often we see companies and professionals moving in this field by trial and error, without a long-term plan. , not infrequently, as already seen in “Project management. Why you don’t do it and why you fail ”, as dreams and energies dissolve.

And right here the digital strategy comes into play. The digital strategy is the action plan designed to ensure that a company makes the most of the opportunities offered by digital technologies to achieve its business objectives.

We are talking about a roadmap capable of implementing and analyzing the effectiveness of the many and different digital tools now available. With a digital strategy, the implementation of the modern technological strategies necessary to lead to business growth is planned and guided.

Defining such a plan, and managing its implementation, is a complex operation, which requires heterogeneous skills and the coexistence of different analytical skills, evaluations and tools.

In fact, we are talking about a transversal strategy, which considers business, marketing, branding and much more, in order to select the technological platforms to achieve the objectives.

What does it mean to have a valid digital strategy? It means having a traceable, improvable and repeatable plan to achieve specific goals.The digital strategy is a starting point, but also, and above all, a work in progress.

In fact, it consists in reflecting and adjusting, on a periodic basis, in relation to the objectives achieved, the change in the market scenario and technological progress. Putting an operational plan on paper reduces the possibility that a strategy will remain in the “dream book”, and be, instead, practical.

In short, a plan is structured with these ends:

  • Reduce the chances of making mistakes when developing a digital project
  • Emphasize the actions to be taken
  • Relate digital technology with company policy
  • Implement a technological strategy

The case of start-ups or kick-offs. When it comes to start-ups or kick-offs, the business / digital strategic question becomes more complex, since every area of ​​the web project is even more interconnected. And even in this case, projects, even if intelligent and stimulating, often fail where a clear technological strategy is not implemented from the moment of the kick-off. For some advice in this regard: “How to define the strategy in start-ups”.

5 essential steps for an ad hoc digital strategy

Here are the essential and necessary steps to create a path that not only makes a web project grow, but also becomes a valuable ally for a business or activity.First of all, you need to establish the technological and online goals to be achievedThen, create a plan of attack to reach them

We must not forget the importance of monitoring and maintaining the strategy, periodically and continuouslyIf necessary, based on data and other elements, if not SEO technologies and insights, be ready to implement possible improvements or changesNever forget to try something new, always tracking results and data


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