This also applies to the digital world


Why aren’t companies promoting sustainable cybersecurity?Just like you see sustainable lines in clothing stores, why aren’t device makers doing the same?Sustainability is expensive.

Although increasingly affordable, electric cars still have a higher list price on average than conventional cars. Even though they have better overall cost efficiency over the life cycle, the initial outlay is too much.Protecting the data environment can be expensive. Creating a continuous monitoring strategy for information security means hiring employees.

Most small and medium-sized businesses struggle to find qualified professionals in the field. In the United States, for example, demand far exceeds supply. This makes hiring skilled cybersecurity professionals expensive.

Small and medium-sized businesses lose an average of $ 120,000 per year due to cyber incidents. So, in conclusion, despite the initial investment, choosing a sustainable program is always convenient. Certainly in the long term, the investment will have a lot of value.

The digital transformation of companies requires new forms of designing and defining services. To ensure business continuity and maximum productivity for all users, monitoring must be constant, but also smarter. For this reason, Unified Infrastructure Management becomes a fundamental01 Apr 2015

Hardware, software and services today make up extremely complex network architectures. With virtualization and the cloud, configurations become even more varied and composite. Companies are moving towards a digital transformation that imposes new forms of planning and definition of governance, diversified over multiple technological orders, systems and maintenance and support criteria.

To guarantee control of every type of service, it takes a holistic, but also intelligent approach. Constant monitoring is needed with a defined setting of priorities to optimize resources and intervention times, in the name of greater efficiency. This is why a Unified Infrastructure Management solution is essential today.

Ca UIM offers a holistic and intelligent approach allowing to supervise the state of architectures, devices, applications, connection and access systems from a single solution, centralized, intuitive and capable of offering significant advantages from all points of view: functional, operational, technical and economic.

Improve infrastructure by measuring user responses

With all the complexities and interdependencies within the organization’s infrastructure, there are several elements to monitor. Paradoxically, however, the only measure that ultimately really matters is the one that many organizations still do not keep under control: the response to the end user.

The fundamental question is: how long does it actually take for a user to send a request to an application and for the completed request to be returned to him? Without a vision of the real user experience, the performance picture will never be complete. Why then do many organizations fail to acquire it consistently? In this document, what to do to resolve the impasse


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