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Their component shira maguen s are totally different from the consumer one that you can find in normal TVs. In short, they are professional monitors shira maguen  for business use, not for leisure!Which type of shop window shira maguen monitor is the most suitable?

At the base of Digital Signage there is the need to attract the attention of the public, which apamonitor  is why the type of advertising monitor to be placed in the window depends on the lighting conditions of the window itself.

Generally those for interiors with very high brightness are used only in areas very exposed to direct sunlight, such as windows or shop windows facing south.Depending on the incidence of sunlight in the place of installation, it is advisable to opt for lower brightness, apamonitor  thus taking advantage of devices with a lower economic impact.

Showcase monitors for Digital Signage then have many options: for example, variable apamonitor  brightness to optimize power consumption, or the possibility of connecting USB sticks or external players.

The top of the range also already have a mini PC to manage content: you can set what to show by managing the duration and playback order.These models take advantage of a control panel with software for managing and uploading content directly to the monitor, which is really much more convenient than managing with a USB stick!

Cloud control panelDo digital signage with cloud showcase monitorsDynamic Monitor is the digital  showcase monitor for digital signage by Vetrina Digitale: programmable both individually and massively, wherever you are thanks to cloud technology!

Each monitor is manageable by setting a schedule that can host videos (also taken from YouTube), photos, slides, writings, weather, animations and plays of light, date and time, digital  your logo, etc.

Management is simple and you have a library of ready-made content to draw from.You can customize your schedules at any time, the showcase monitor receives every change in real digital time!

Vetrina Digitale offers you an exclusive professional content creation service, so that you only have to propose your idea and approve the result, without spending extra time creating your content!

Digital skills have become increasingly necessary in recent years to be able to participate successfully in society. Nevertheless, part of the Dutch population is insufficiently digitally skilled. This reinforces inequality between young and old, the highly and low-skilled and people with a high and a low income.

Government communication, for example, nowadays increasingly takes place via the internet. The government is therefore focusing on digital skills, including in collaboration with libraries.bookmark thisDigital literacy part of curriculum in 2022

In the fight against low literacy, a distinction is made between prevention (prevention) and curation (combat). In the field of language and arithmetic, the preventive role is structurally taken up by education. However, digital skills are not an integral part of this approach.

The way in which schools deal with digital literacy strongly depends on the interest and commitment of the teachers and the school board. That is about to change. In the coming years, the Learning Plan Development Foundation (SLO) will develop core objectives for digital literacy.

This takes place in collaboration with teachers, subject didactics, schools and educational organisations. These core objectives are expected to be completed in 2024. By the end of 2022, the draft core objectives, with which schools can already get started, will be ready (Leget, 2019; Pijpers, 2021).

What digital skills do you need?Major differences between ages and education levels

The Dutch generally score well on digital skills: 79% of the Dutch have at least basic digital skills. This is well above the European average of 58%. However, more than 20% of Dutch people between the ages of 16 and 65 do not achieve the basic level for digital skills (Non & Dinkova, 2021). between age groups and education levels. In particular, the skills of older people vary widely.

The lack of basic digital skills in the older age groups is mainly caused by a lack of software skills, such as being able to work with programs such as Word and Excel. This research is based on the assumption that those who indicate that they have performed a certain activity also possess the associated skills. It concerns the following skills (Eurostat, 2020; Rathenau Instituut, 2020):


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