There are confusions and clarifications


The apa division 51  introduction of a apa division 51  uniform identifier has been criticized – but no real alternatives can be identified

In order to be able to clearly identify data on a person in different databases, a bundle of apa division 17  personal data has been used up to now. Since data such as name or address can change or be incorrect, it can be difficult to assign data to the right person.  are time-consuming. A uniform personal identifier, as it is used in almost all European apa division 17  countries, is an effective means of clearly assigning data to a person.

In addition to the apa division 5  controlling intermediaries and the transparency provided by the data cockpit, the decentralized German register landscape also represents an additional hurdle for the possible state misuse of a standardized personal identifier feared apa division 5  by data protectionists. In any case, no alternative proposals have been made so far that would substantially improve data protection and would also pass the practical test.

A more in-depth assessment of apa division 8  the planned approach is contained in the NKR statement on the Register Modernization Act. The opinion of Prof. Parycek is also recommended.There are not just people. Companies and buildings must also be  apa division 8 identifiable

There are also other activities for register modernization within the federal government. While the Federal Ministry of the Interior is planning to introduce a uniform personal identifier along with apa division 18  a basic register for people, the BMWi is aiming for one for companies and the BMBF for one for educational processes.

In apa division 18 addition, there are  apa division 3 preparations for register-based population statistics (including apa division 3 register census) and activities for the design of a building and apartment register, possibly even an address register.

Despite an overarching coordination project for register modernization commissioned by the IT planning council and the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, a real orchestration of these various individual projects does not seem to have taken place so far.
Large construction site register modernization – in its dimensions comparable to the OZG

However, without comprehensive modernization of registers, the digitization of the state and administration will apa division 2  not be successful. Despite multiple announcements and a coordination project at the IT planning council, the apa division 2  development in the individual projects is not progressing fast enough. The associated laws must now be passed quickly in order to apa division 2 create the basis for implementation in this legislature.

In addition, all individual projects must finally be seriously coordinated and coordinated with one another. There is still a lack of resources and political attention for this. The opposite would be apa division 33  necessary. Because as an overall task, the modernization of the register is comparable in its dimensions apa division 33  to the OZG and requires the same commitment.

Fiberised portal apa division 16 network?

The OZG implementation does not only consist in the apa division 16 digitization of the 600 administrative services. The portals of the federal, state and local governments should also be linked to form a portal network that doesn’t matter where you “get in”. From each entry point you should be guided to the correct online procedure – in no more than three clicks.

The linking of the portals is made possible by a search and forwarding function. A stronger integration of the portals will be dispensed with. A corresponding implementation solution had turned out to be too complex. With the simplified linking function, the goal of achieving performance with three clicks will probably division 35 apa  not be achieved.

The integration of special portals (e.g., in the future: pension overview) has not yet been actively division 35 apa  pursued. The threat of disintegration of the portal network and the digital administration offers must be countered. Because the findability, form and presentation of the online services also determine the success of the OZG.


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