The web reputation aims


Search engines act as endless archives that store and return signals, both positive and negative, expressed by people about individuals, professionals, brands and companies.

Through Google and other search engines we can identify multiple sources of opinions and judgments such as newspapers, forums, bloggers, industry sites, online magazines, etc. that are destined to influence the considerations of those who must develop convictions towards the brand.

Ignoring the way in which people speak in a brand on the net means not taking into account what already at this moment influences the perception of our potential consumers, and which could affect the results of advertising investments in other media (television, radio, advertisements journalistic …) due to the previous online sentiment.
The advantages of engine optimization for web reputation

Website optimization and public relations include a series of activities that make it possible to positively influence the perception of consumers and reduce negative signals that can damage the profitability of companies.

Strategic management of online reputation allows you to create a digital identity in keeping with company purposes, to avoid reputational crises, to progressively improve the results of the promotion strategies implemented.

SEO and public relations activities via the web allow you to:speed up the pace of successincrease profitability in a short timeintercepting visitors looking for solutions like ourscreate interest around the goods and services to be promotedincrease the authority of a brand towards its audience

increase the chances of forging positive relationships with relevant subjects in your sector and with known influencersincrease engagement with your audienceimprove the awareness of products with less effort than that required by traditional mediastimulate positive word of mouth and brand awareness through the network

increase sales in the short term in favor of the company’s overall profitability
they improve reputation over the competition

How to improve a site’s online reputation

The optimization of the site on engines includes a series of activities that improve the use of the contents of a website and the ability of the contents to be received by search engines to be considered among the first results to be offered to user searches.

This means that through the optimization and creation of content it is possible to affect the kind of information obtainable through search engines to ensure that negative signals become less visible in favor of positive ones.

Inbound marketing, guided by positioning objectives, aims to increase the sources of positive signals in favor of digital identity through the production of content (blog articles, press releases, posts for social networks …).

Thanks to these strategies it is possible to improve the perception of brand authority and amplify the returns of all advertising activities that rely on positive online reputation to deliver results.

Online reputation improvement strategies must be carried out consistently across all relevant media (website, Facebook pages, Instagram account, Youtube channel) in order to provide a uniform and profitable impression to the public for business purposes.

All this in order to provide information on the ability of the brand, to offer effective responses to the needs of its audience and to increase the “esteem” that the search engine has for our presence on the net.

The experts in the web reputation sector guide the customer in the creation of a site focused on the brand name, so that it acts as a starting point for the creation of content in order to increase positive information and make pre-existing ones that damage the company less visible. corporate reputation.


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