The telemedicine


Italy is a country that continues to age: as of January 1, 2017, individuals over 65
they exceed 13.5 million and represent 22.3% of the total population (10 years earlier
represented 20.1% of the population) 1.

As we age, the incidence of chronic diseases increases (hypertension and diabetes among themost widespread), which affect almost 40% of the Italian population, and require a modelofadequate assistance, based on early diagnosis and effective choices at home.

In this scenario  represents an effective solution both to give immediate answers and to improve thehealth of people, and for a more efficient use of the health resources of the Health ServiceNational and greater integration of available services.

According to a recent survey by the UniSalute2 Health Observatory, 80% of respondents believethat telemedicine would bring many advantages, in particular for the management of pathologieschronic, and for more than half (51%) it should even become a routine.

For this reason UniSalute, the Unipol Group company specialized for over twenty years in
healthcare, which has always been at the forefront in proposing innovative solutions, has created

Monitor Salute®, a service for remote telemonitoring of some chronic diseases
(diabetes, hypertension, asthma and BCPO Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) through devices,directly to the domicile of the insured, and the advice of doctors and Case Managers at theUniSalute Operations Center.

In one year of activity, tens of thousands of UniSalute policyholders are involved in the service: illnessesthe most common are hypertension, followed by pulmonary disease and diabetes.The service has recently won the first prize in the MF Innovation Award 2017 insideof the Health & Prevention category.

A recognition of the important contribution made through the service that accompanies patientsin their care path, monitoring their state of health both from a preventive point of view and indiagnostic and therapeutic phases, and supporting patients and their families with the utmost protectionhealth and social assistance, even at home.

With this there are 3 awards assigned to the Health Monitor service in 2017: DIGITAL INNOVATION IN HEALTHCARE 2017 of the School of Management of the Polytechnic ofMilan: special mention in the “Integration with the territory” category for the Monitor projectHealth®;

 ABOUTPHARMA DIGITAL AWARDS 2017: Monitor Salute® awarded for Improvement
the organization of healthcare supply processes; MF INNOVATION AWARD 2017: Monitor Salute® wins the first prize in the categoryHealth & Prevention.

“This new important recognition assigned to Monitor Salute®”, comments Fiammetta
Fabris, CEO of UniSalute ”, confirms the value of our service and the ability toUniSalute innovation in patient healthcare management. In a historical period in which peoplethey are much more skilled in using technology and much more involved than in the past about

their health, this moment must be used to spread telemonitoring and treatment programs
customized, even remotely. With Monitor Salute®, UniSalute offers a unique service on the market,which facilitates the periodic detection of clinical parameters and increases patient empowerment. ”

HEALTH MONITOR®Monitor Salute® is UniSalute’s innovative service for remote monitoringof chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension and BCPO Chronic Pulmonary DiseaseObstructive), through devices directly to the domicile of the policyholders. After
completed an online questionnaire,

the UniSalute policyholders who meet the requirementspre-established clinicians receive free of charge the devices to monitor in such a waysimple and continuous health status directly at home.The devicesthey transmit the parameters in real time to the UniSalute Operations Center whereSpecialized doctors and nurses (Case Managers) constantly monitor them.

TheUniSalute team intervenes promptly where clinical alerts occur,contacting the patient to offer suggestions and recommendations on their ownhealth state. An innovative service, unique on the market, which facilitates detectionof important clinical parameters and helps the patient to be more autonomousand aware of what it can actually do to stay healthy.


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