The responsible organizational


Collaboration with schoolsThe team is designed to operate according to a logic of territorial proximity that aims to capture the peculiarities of the territory to offer targeted and effective interventions.

In the Lombardy model, through regional coordination, support and intervention measures will also be guaranteed for the provinces of Lecco, Lodi, and Pavia, which are not owned by the teachers in charge.

Specifically, the team will be able to provide support to schools according to the following main methods of intervention (to be defined in this phase of the start of the experimentation):advice / support to individual schools both face to face and remotely (via telephone or video conference);

workshops or series of thematic meetings on the territory (for groups of schools) on specific aspects of digital teaching or topics of common interest;facilitating contact between teachers in peer tutoring and peer learning modes;
sending of material;sharing of good practices.

Schools can request the intervention of the members of the aforementioned team through the “request for intervention of the PNSD team” form available on the platform www.form

In response to the request sent in this way, the representatives will be contacted by the teachers of the team who will investigate the needs and manage the taking charge of the activity.Schools will then be required to fill out an evaluation form for the intervention received, in order to evaluate and improve the use model of the Lombard team.

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Pursuant to art. 24 paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 33/2013, the administrations publish the results of the periodic monitoring of compliance with the procedural deadlines for which they are responsible, carried out pursuant to art. 1 paragraph 28 of law 190/2012.

The following Tables report, for each administrative procedure governed by law 241/1990 totally (Table 1) or partially (Table 2) under the jurisdiction of the Turin Chamber of Commerce,unit, the deadline for concluding the procedure , the number of proceedings concluded in the reference year and of those eventually concluded after the deadline.

Monitoring does not concern proceedings whose discipline is dictated by special sector regulations, such as Law 689/1981 on administrative sanctions and Legislative Decree 472/1997 on tax sanctions.

Administrative proceedings under the jurisdiction of the Turin Chamber of CommerceDownload the table n. 1 year 2015 in PDF formatDownload the table n. 1 year 2014 in PDF format


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