The Real-user Monitoring Solution


How Dynatrace Helps DevOpsThe DevOps approach to application development and operation is changing the way enterprise software is monitored and created. The goal is simple: the silo approach must be abandoned;

development must think about operations as much as the latter must provide the development department with useful feedback to understand what the priorities are. The new approach is that of a CI / CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) pipeline: applications are continuously evolving by implementing new functions on a regular basis.

Dynatrace is the element that maximizes the approach to DevOps: companies believe that advanced observability is an essential element already in the pre-production phase, because it maximizes the analysis of application performance, the availability of services and well-being general infrastructure.

In addition, the inclusion of the Davis AI, a Dynatrace trademark, provides developers with a tangible contribution to problem detection already during application development, accelerating deployment and improving business results.

The identification of the causes of the problem at the code level, then, is crucial to speed up the correction. Finally, it ensures constant monitoring to ensure that the release of a new version of the software does not have a negative impact on performance.

Dynatrace and ServiceNow: how they work togetherDynatrace and ServiceNow integrate natively. The two solutions allow you to automate the process of detecting an alert in Dynatrace by opening a ticket in ServiceNow. The work process can then be performed manually or automatically.

The advantages of integrating Dynatrace with ServiceNow are many:

Dynatrace’s Service Graph Connector enriches ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with real-time topology and detailed telemetry.ServiceNow uses data collected by Dynatrace, including correlation identifiers for the hosts involved, to provide real-time observability across the full IT stack.

Dynatrace’s AI Davis automatically detects IT health and performance incidents. The Incident Integration app then synchronizes these incidents with the ServiceNow Event Management Dashboard: within the latter it is also possible to indicate the priorities of the criticalities of the impacted services.

Because Dynatrace sends event alert data to ServiceNow, enterprises have complete observability, including tracking and code-level metrics, to proactively eliminate service outages.

Dynatrace User Experience Management: the benefits

Dynatrace exploits both real-user monitoring and synthetic monitoring to guarantee companies the widest offer for User Experience Management. Capturing the transactions of each user’s visits with  allows you to easily identify who has had a problem and understand what was the context that gave rise to this problem in order to assess the impact on the business.

Among the parameters evaluated are the correct arrangement of the user interface elements, the performance analysis of third-party content providers and of all the underlying infrastructure whether the user comes from a browser or is using a mobile application native.


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