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A winning digital strategy is, in essence, a planned journey that takes a company or activity from where it is to where it wants to be. It is not a simple list of things to do or a list of aspects to check, but it is a complex and almost infinite set of steps that allow you to plan, to monitor, but also to change the way as you go. And all in an analytical, rational way, based on the study of results, algorithm analysis, competitor performance, insights and much more.

If you have arrived this far you will have understood that to have a digital strategy, with short and long term results, one cannot ignore a continuous monitoring of the performance of the choices made. Precisely for this reason we at Quodigi have created IO, a web intelligence platform.

Quodigi IO. What is it about? A platform based on data analytics, capable of controlling and optimizing the strategy of any site or company that operates online, relating it to that of direct competitors.

In this way, the management of a company can have a continuous overview of the performance of its digital project, but also clear indications for improving based on competitors in the sector. And everything is communicated in a simple, effective way with general and category cards. Not bad, right? Here is a short presentation

If you liked this article, then you will appreciate Quodigi’s support: we deal with consulting and advisory on web strategy and digital transformation issues. We have developed IO, the web intelligence platform designed for business decision makers. Find out more about what we do to support your business in digital growth!

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Digital transformation is the integration of digital in the work processes of a company, which determines essential changes in the way the company operates but also in the way in which it interfaces with its customers. At the heart of the Digital Customer Experience (DCX) are all these new digital interfaces with which users interact with the company.
What is the Digital Customer Experience?

As marketers will already know well, in today’s globalized and interconnected market it is essential to create digital experiences that place the user at the center of every interaction, making sure that every user-business contact point offers the same level of quality and personalization. .

In general, the Digital Customer Experience identifies and analyzes all the determining factors for a good Customer Journey through the digital channel. However, it is also true that the online Customer

Experience is often linked to Brand Reputation, i.e. it is believed that the Digital Customer Experience is positive only when the Customer Journey is positive, i.e. linear and without complications.

Digital technology has transformed not just shopping habits but consumers themselves. The interactions that the customer has at each point of contact with the company much more influence on Customer Satisfaction than the quality of the product and service that the customer has purchased. This is because today’s customer is not the same as yesterday. The online user is in fact a digitally informed customer.


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