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These are the various items, the results of which, in addition to being shown within the Insight space, can be downloaded in very detailed Excel documents that are also obtained on customized time intervals. Just click on the item at the top right, “Export”.

Even more specific information is then provided when using Facebook ADS, paid advertisements. In this case, which we will discuss in the next articles, the reports are very useful for monitoring the trend based also on costs and placements.

All the data provided by Facebook – in particular those concerning the involvement in terms of interaction by fans – are essential to intervene on your editorial plan and make changes where necessary.

More efficiency for the health system. More closeness to those in need of care.

Digital solutions improve the economic sustainability of the health system by reducing management costs and increasing its efficiency. Telemedicine makes medical assistance easily accessible thanks to remote monitoring and is decisive for the elderly, frail and with chronic diseases because it facilitates daily care and prevents critical situations. Digital Health is an example of how technological innovation is crucial for creating new, more efficient and inclusive social models.

Do you want to know the sustainability benefits of the other TIM Business solutions? Learn more hereDiscover all TIM BUSINESS solutions for Digital HealthServices provided by a highly secure TIM cloudinfrastructure.sd_sanita_foglia_2_blocco800x600

The solutions designed for Digital Health allow remote monitoring of key parameters, limiting hospital admissions and outpatient examinations. Using a web console, healthcare personnel can promptly assess the patient’s state of health or the effectiveness of the treatments provided. The services are provided on an ICT managed platform via mobile connectivity.

Cloud platform with embedded 4G network, GDPR Compliant, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and certified 27017-18 infrastructure. Simplified use through a Gtw Mobile App that interfaces the main medical devices including the ECG with online reporting on the platform.  for telemonitoring of vital parameters certified as a CE class IIa medical device.

Article 1, paragraphs 725 and 726, of law no. 145, establishes the territorial training teams to ensure the dissemination of actions related to the Plan for the digital school, as well as promote training actions for teaching staff and enhancement of students’ skills on innovative teaching methodologies.

The Directorate General for Structural Funds for Education, School Building and Digital Schools ensures the coordination and general monitoring of the implementation of the measure through specific guidelines.The regional school offices coordinate and monitor the training teams for the reference region at the territorial level.

The regional innovative training centers (“Future Labs” program) have the task of connecting and supporting the activities of the teams in synergy with the respective USRs.
The schools to which the team members belong have an active role in facilitating and technical-organizational support.

The teachers of the teams were selected on the basis of a specific comparative procedure.
ActionsThe support and accompaniment actions that team members carry out in favor of schools are divided into the following areas:

CREATION OF DIGITAL ENVIRONMENTS Support and accompaniment within the local educational institutions for the development and dissemination of solutions for the creation of digital environments with innovative and sustainable methodologies

EXPERIMENTATION OF ORGANIZATIONAL MODEL Spromotion and support for the experimentation of new organizational models, aimed at achieving methodological-didactic innovation, and for the development of digital teaching projects, digital citizenship, digital economy, media education


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