The importance of digital transformation recognized


What the results are apa locator 

When asked about the results, it appears that digital transformation mainly leads to apa locator  efficiency improvements. Higher production with the same number of people, more continuity in processes apa locator and better mutual cooperation are the three main results. The latter aspect is especially important for very large companies. The fourth result is the increased innovative power.

However, this effect is less common in small companies. This is followed by a higher apa center for workforce studies  satisfaction or involvement of employees. Other results are more customer satisfaction, a more agile organization, the same productivity with fewer people, more focus in the business strategy and the introduction of new business models.

The research also shows that the importance of digital transformation is more recognized. apa center for workforce studies  An increasing number of companies are putting digital transformation high on the agenda or even give it top priority. This is the case for almost 60 percent.

There is still a considerable gap between small and large, but it is narrowing. Three apa center for workforce studies  quarters of the companies endorse the statement that an organization can distinguish itself through digital solutions and is therefore at the forefront of the industry.

The average size of companies starting with digital transformation is gradually decreasing. Proportionally, in 2021 more companies with 51 to 150 employees have jumped on this.
Working Netherlands sees more efficiency

And then the results of the survey at Werkend Nederland, companies with five employees or more. Familiarity with the term digital transformation is gradually increasing. 49 percent are (well) familiar with this.

39 percent have heard of this, but don’t know exactly what it means. 13 percent have never heard of it. Just like a year ago, 8 out of 10 employees think their company is actively working on this. For most employees, digital transformation is synonymous with automating and digitizing processes. They mainly associate this concept with greater efficiency.

In the top 10 most observed changes within the company, the digitization of processes is at the top. Second is the fact that employees and customers can arrange more and more things online themselves. On the three it says ‘working from home is/will be the new norm’, followed by ‘I can now work anywhere and anytime’.

Another frequently observed change is stricter rules for the use of IT systems with a view to security. With the optimal service of customers things are not going so fast. This aspect is in tenth place, so not very high. Apparently there is still a lot to do here.

About two-thirds of working people in the Netherlands will see their job change in the next five years due to technology. Despite this, almost three quarters are positive about the digital transformation process.


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