The digital education action plan


What is the Digital Education Action Plan?

The Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) is a renewed political initiative of the European Union (EU) aimed at supporting the sustainable and effective adaptation of the education and training systems of the EU Member States to the was digital.

offers a long-term strategic vision for high-quality, inclusive and accessible European digital educationaddresses the challenges and opportunities highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to unprecedented use of technology for education and training
aims to strengthen cooperation at

EU level on digital education and underlines the importance of collaborating across all sectors to integrate education into the digital age
presents opportunities, including better quality and greater quantity of teaching related to digital technologies,

support for the digitization of teaching methods and pedagogies and the provision of the necessary infrastructure for inclusive and resilient distance learning.To achieve these objectives, the action plan defines two priority areas:promote the development of a highly efficient digital education ecosystem

This sector includes the following aspects:infrastructure, connectivity and digital equipmenteffective planning and development of digital capabilities, including up-to-date organizational skills

teachers and staff involved in education and training who are familiar with digital technologies and are competent in the fieldhigh-quality learning content, easy-to-use tools and secure platforms that respect e-privacy rules and ethical standardsimprove digital skills and competences for digital transformation

This requires:

  • basic digital skills and competences from childhood
  • digital literacy, including the fight against disinformation
  • computer science teaching
  • good knowledge and understanding of data-intensive technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI)
  • advanced digital skills, to have a greater number of digital specialists
  • to ensure that girls and young women are equally represented in digital studies and careers

Why is action needed?

The digital transformation has transformed society and the economy, with ever deeper repercussions on daily life. However, until the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on education and training remained much more limited.

The pandemic has shown that it is essential to have an education and training system suitable for the digital age.

The pandemic has raised the need for higher levels of digital skills in education and training, but it has also amplified a number of challenges and inequalities that exist between those with access to digital technologies and those without them, including those from backgrounds. disadvantaged.

It also highlighted a number of challenges for education and training systems related to digital skills in schools, teacher training and general levels of digital skills and competences.


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