The candidate tracking system


The best candidate tracking software:

Facilitate communication. Whether via text, email or chatbot, candidates get the contact they need from recruiters. Meanwhile, business executives receive updates and replies on the research process, interviews, and offer letters.

Help build your pool talent.  serves as a record of all candidates and hires. It is a valuable collection of talent from which the organization can continue to find candidates.

It serves as the only source of truth.

All selectors and HR have access to the same recruiting data. It is easy to search, filter, and find the ideal candidates based on the required skills and abilities.Advantages of a candidate tracking systemA candidate tracking system benefits the entire organization, not just the recruiters. By implementing an ATS you will find that:

Simplified administrative tasks increase productivity.Recruiters have more time to find higher quality candidates.The candidate’s experience improves.AI helps you reach a wider range of talents and reduces prejudice.Real-time talent data informs a hiring strategy that delivers the talent you need.

The right candidate tracking system improves the entire recruiting process – for the candidate who wants to find a great job, the recruiter who is looking for the best candidates and the organization that needs the best talent.

An ATS allows you to recruit a workforce that drives success. Organizations that want to streamline their recruiting processes and provide an employer experience of choice for everyone involved should consider using an applicant tracking system.

Digitalis poisoning is poisoning resulting from excessive doses of digoxin. Digitalis poisoning can be acute or chronic and its clinical manifestations can be both cardiac and extracardiac.
What is digitalis poisoning and how does it occur

Digoxin is a drug widely used for the treatment of heart failure as a positive inotropic. Its reduced therapeutic range, fundamental for the choice of the dosage to be administered, can easily cause intoxication phenomena that can cause the patient to deteriorate very quickly.

This molecule is also present in the leaves of the oleander which, if ingested, mimics the digitalis effects.There are mainly two forms of digitalis intoxication: acute or chronic.In the first case, the intoxication can be accidental or voluntary (for anticonservative purposes)

and results from the intake of large quantities of the drug in a short time; in the chronic form, on the other hand, it is due to an accumulation of substance in a patient already on digoxin therapy. This accumulation can result from dehydration, renal failure or from taking the drug at a supertherapeutic dosage.


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