The advantages of remote montoring


The ability to apply industrial solutions to achieve remote monitoring has multiple advantages. In a pandemic, where staff reduction is expected due to social distancing, remote monitoring ensures that operators can work remotely without putting themselves at risk.

The display technology that supports remote monitoring also provides multiple possibilities to perform remote maintenance and repair tasks. Machines that have functionality problems can be diagnosed by expert technicians through industrial remote monitoring solutions. Repair and maintenance activities can also be monitored and managed remotely.

ConclusionThe close relationship between condition monitoring and remote monitoring leads to the fact that they are usually applied together to achieve specific objectives. This is why remote condition monitoring exists.

Remote condition monitoring combines two capabilities: resource monitoring and remote control of these resources by operators via access. Thus manufacturers can begin the digitization process to achieve condition monitoring and expand its use case to include remote monitoring.

What is digital reputation? 3 free tools to monitor itDigital Reputation (Web Reputation) is an activity of collecting and monitoring everything that is said online about a specific product, service, project or event.

This is a fundamental strategic activity for companies and organizations, because it allows you to understand the general opinion spread online regarding the topic you are interested in.

The monitoring of the web reputation can be a continuum activity, if a specific online communication activity is being carried out and if you want to measure its effects over time, or an instant activity aimed at taking a sort of photograph of the current situation. : for example, because you want to know the opinion of users before entering a certain market.

The web reputation activities allow the analysis of two different references: the first is represented by opinion leaders and the press, the second by users directly concerned.

In fact, through monitoring, interested companies and organizations can know in real time any minus and pluses of their products, services, projects or events, as users are now in the habit of reviewing online and sharing with other users. their views on the things they care about most.

The verification of one’s online reputation does not only concern companies and organizations, it is the public figures, in fact, the first to use this service, followed by the companies that sell their products or services online and those who sell technologies, entertainment, nutrition and well-being.

As with Digital PR, for some years also pharmaceutical companies and those related to the world of health have begun to use this type of analysis to verify the opinion of users regarding their drugs and medical devices

We present below a list of 3 tools with which you can independently evaluate your digital reputation.

It happens very often to recommend some free conversation tracking tools for small and medium-sized businesses. It is always difficult for me to give a complete answer because there is a strong discrepancy between the expectations of small and medium-sized enterprises and the offer of a very dynamic market.

On the one hand, there is the legitimate expectation of automatic tools that, with small initial settings, alert business managers to any type of potential crisis. On the other hand, there is a constantly evolving market, based on products that require continuous investments in innovation, which must be valued.

Added to these difficulties is the fact that conversations around a small business are usually modest and often take place in micro contexts (the country, the provincial city with their relative local conversational circuit).

This condition makes the need for a zero-cost investment reasonable, but exposes it to a risk. Just free software, often of Anglo-Saxon origin, are not very suitable for finding local news because they are designed for a global market, and therefore developed on a database of popular sources.

That said, there are free tools that can give an idea of ​​the conversations around a brand, but you need to be aware that what you will get will only be part of reality. Here are a few, to which I recommend adding a nice feed reader to keep track of sources that are little known, but relevant to your business.


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