Terms e-Health and Digital Health


In the blog we describe some innovative smartphone-based technologies that have helped bring diagnostic eye and heart exams to locations in India, Asia and Africa, where regular diagnostic devices are not available.m-health Used in Humanitarian Projectsm-health Used in Humanitarian Projects

The 58th World Health Assembly (i.e. the legislative body of the World Health Organization) in 2005 in Geneva officially recognized the potential of eHealth as a means of strengthening health systems and improving quality, safety and the possibility of access to care. It has therefore encouraged its member countries to incorporate it into their health systems.

Definition of the term eHealth

For the sake of synthesis and simplicity, it could be said that the “umbrella term” eHealth (e-health, ie digital health) refers to:the use of technology to improve human health and well-being, and to enhance the services of the national health system in terms of higher quality, safety and access to care, with a positive impact in terms of reducing human and social costs and economic for society.

Therefore, the term eHealth can refer to a wide range of IT and communication tools that refer both to the field of public and private health and to personal well-being (personal well-being or digital well-being, in English). In this sense, an alternative approach is to define the term by enumerating its parts, as described in the section entitled Classification of eHealth Technologies.

Use and Meaning of the in This Blog

Many have tried to provide a general definition of the term eHealth and so many, too many definitions (more than fifty) more or less equivalent were born: we list below a couple (European and Italian) for completeness.

To this day we believe that it is improper to try to provide a complete definition of what eHealth is since the number of its areas is still constantly growing and evolving, being a very dynamic and innovative ICT sector.

So this blog aims first of all to exemplify through various articles the use of the term and the practical utility of technology applied to health rather than trying to provide a single sterile and abstract (and probably incomplete …) definition of what it is. eHealth.

There are also various alternative terms to eHealth (such as digital health), with various meanings. In general, in this blog we preferred to refer to the English term adopted by the WHO and more globally known, that is eHealth. However, for less English-speaking readers, extensive use will also be made of the term digital health in the sense of “eHealth”.


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