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The Dynatrace platform can be integrated with Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes, VMWare Tanzu Application Service and multiple operating environments. The advantage of Dynatrace is the ability to analyze the performance of an application even when and if it crosses multiple cloud and hybrid environments.

In addition to the APM offering, Dynatrace includes services for AI Operations, infrastructure monitoring and BizDevOps. Dynatrace partners can, therefore, fully use their resources and experience to build an advanced service offering to drive automation and innovation across the entire enterprise.

Dynatrace mobile, the application for iOS and Android devicesDynatrace offers various channels to receive alerts on problems found in your IT environment. In addition to using conventional channels, such as email, Dynatrace can be easily integrated with other software such as Slack and OpsGenie.

Above all, a practical Dynatrace mobile application is available for iOS and Android through which you can receive a push notification directly on your mobile device. In addition, the problems detected in the last 72 hours are available and updated, so that the user can keep track of the most recent service outages and know how and if they have been resolved even from mobile.

How Dynatrace Works

According to a survey by Vanson Bourne of 700 Chief Information Officers of large companies with over a thousand employees and commissioned by Dynatrace, on average, companies use for their technology stacks. In addition, 63% of CIOs surveyed believe that the complexity of their cloud environment has now exceeded the capacity of human management.

Dynatrace is fully automatic; from implementation to discovery and dependency mapping. It is a full stack solution, which includes understanding and mapping all the relationships and interdependencies from the end user experience across the entire infrastructure at the code level.

A single agent (OneAgent) takes care of the discovery and instrumentation in order to collect data relating to the monitoring of any component of the IT infrastructure. Having a single agent is an innovative approach that distinguishes

Dynatrace: it saves system administrators time and allows them to focus on other value-added and more critical operations for the success of the business. Starting from the data collected by Dynatrace’s

OneAgent, a topological map (called Smartscape) of the company’s cloud environment is created that dynamically displays the relationships between all the components of the applications in an incredibly detailed way. Finally, AI Davis analyzes all of this information to provide answers, not just data. I

n this way, companies can know when there is a problem, how it is impacting the business and its cause so that they can quickly fix it. Rather than using their time to figure out what is causing the bottleneck or service interruption, thanks to Dynatrace and AI Davis, companies can use that time to resolve the failure or inefficiency and get started again.

Companies can, for example, configure parameters such as the response time of an application or the latency of application transactions to create customized thresholds. When this threshold is exceeded

– for example, an application is taking longer than expected to perform an operation and therefore is creating disruption to customers – Davis automatically sends a notification to the mobile app or via email so that the IT staff can immediately take care. of the problem: reaction times are significantly reduced, customer satisfaction, who get real assistance, increases.


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