Synthetic monitoring


On the other hand, offers the tools to carry out tests scattered from within the company’s IT infrastructure: in this way, for example, companies can have valuable insights even before a web application is active by replicating experiences. of users and leveraging multiple agents or evaluate performance in geographic areas where traffic is still low.

Dynatrace’s synthetic monitoring solution emulates the world’s leading desktop and mobile browsers to simulate a real customer journey from all over the world. Synthetic monitoring, therefore, ensures that the main user transactions always work at their best, even when, for example, there is no traffic from a particular site or application.

The union of these two solutions is summarized in a flexible, complete and versatile digital User Experience Management platform for cross use cases: ecommerce, banking, omnichannel, DevOps, real-time business analytics and more.

Through the Session Replay function, companies can review what actions (clicks, touches on the screen, swype, etc.) the user has performed during their browsing session, both from desktop and mobile. Knowing how users actually surf allows businesses to improve the customer journey and increase conversions.

In addition, they can understand how the novelties of the interface affect the user experience of the site and the mobile application. All in compliance with the General Regulations for the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR): Session Replay is developed according to the “privacy by design” approach.

Dynatrace SaaS and Managed: the differences

Dynatrace can be implemented as a SaaS solution, with the possibility of keeping data in the cloud, or on-premise: in this case, we speak of Dynatrace Managed. In both cases the advantages of Dynatrace are the same and the software is automatically updated.

In the case of Dynatrace SaaS, no investment in infrastructure is required, the data is securely stored in the Dynatrace cloud and the platform can be up and running in minutes. Dynatrace Mission Control automatically updates the software.

The on-premise version of Dynatrace is designed for those companies that have internal security and privacy policies that require data to be kept within the company. The benefits of this edition are therefore transversal:

it allows these companies to be fully compliant with internal policies, data is stored in a local infrastructure and Dynatrace can be scaled horizontally even while it is running. Even in the case of an on-premise implementation of Dynatrace, the software update is automatic.

What’s this

GePI is an application designed and developed to simplify the work of social workers in accompanying the beneficiaries of the Citizenship Income summoned by the social services of the Municipalities. In fact, it allows you to activate and manage Pacts for social inclusion and to have immediate access to relevant data.

The GePI platform allows you to compile the tools for evaluation and personalized design: Preliminary Analysis Sheet, Analysis Framework for multidisciplinary evaluation, Pact for social inclusion.

It also allows to carry out the analysis, monitoring, evaluation and control of the Citizenship Income program through the sharing of information both between central administrations and territorial services and, in the context of territorial services, between centers for employment and social services.

In addition to facilitating the management and monitoring of the activation projects of the beneficiaries of the Citizenship Income, when fully operational, it will also allow the feeding of the unitary information system of social services (SIUSS), necessary to improve the planning capacity of interventions and services social.


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