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INSPIRE 2021, webinar AgID – FormezLast modified: 18/10/2021The webinar on “Territorial data, towards monitoring INSPIRE 2021. How to improve and measure the quality of metadata, data and services” organized by AgID with the support of Formez PA in the context of of the training cycle “Open data and spatial data in the digital transformation of the PA”.

The webinar is aimed at providing administrations with practical indications and useful information on the use of the tools available at

European and national level, to improve the documentation of data and services through quality metadata, their usability and increase their compliance with common rules in order to improve the overall performance of the Italian infrastructure in INSPIRE monitoring, the annual survey of which is scheduled for 15 December.

The interventions scheduled on the agenda, held by the experts of the JRC (Joint Research Center) of the European Commission, ISPRA and AgID, will be focused on European methodology and tools for INSPIRE monitoring, analysis of the criticalities of

2020 monitoring, actions to improve the performance of the Italy and operational indications to improve the quality of the metadata on the basis of which the monitoring indicators are calculated.

To participate in the webinar it is necessary to register on the EventiPA platform where more details are also available.Those who have participated in at least 2 webinars of the training cycle will be able to receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the cycle.

This cycle of online seminars is part of the cycle of webinars created by the Information and Training Project for the digital transition for the implementation of the “Italia Login – the citizen’s home” project under the PON Governance and Institutional Capacity 2014-2020

The strength of the “digital twin” is to guarantee all production processes, monitor the entire life cycle of the product or plant, because every data received becomes an “engineering item”, an “object” that can be explored, comparable, traceable and usable for making decisionsby Josephine Condemi, journalist31 July 2020

A digital twin, a digital twin that explores possible worlds and communicates them to his physical analogue so that he can improve his behavior, work less, save time and energy, understand “what if”. A twin for each person, each industry, each city, closely connected to its physical counterpart: from the atom to the bit, and back.

It may sound like science fiction, but in January Samsung said it is working on the “Neon” project, which creates realistic 3D avatars of a human being, that is, personalized digital figures that appear on a screen and are not designed to be digital assistants but real alter ego of the user.

In January 2019, at the Spring Gala Festival airing on China Central Television, four guests were joined by their digital twin created by ObEN. And the physical, health and preference data that we release on the different platforms, aren’t they traces of a potential individual digital twin?

An extraordinarily fascinating concept, the “digital twin” was born in the academic-industrial field and it is precisely in the industry that today it finds its greatest applications: plant and / or process, digital twins are growing.


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