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Improving the customer experience apa member benefits  is the main theme that Dutch companies are currently working on. The new possibilities offered by digitization to better serve customers are being looked into.  (SMEs) in particular have come to realize the apa member benefits  importance of customer interactions this year. Their success stands or falls with customer relationship and satisfaction.

This is apparent from the Digital Transformation Monitor 2021, an annual survey apa member benefits  by Blauw Research commissioned by KPN. As in previous years, the survey was conducted among two target groups: Werkend Nederland (525 respondents) and those responsible for digital transformation (617 respondents).Drivers, barriers and challenges

This last group of decision makers and advisors identified the most important drivers, barriers and challenges in digital transformation, making smarter use of  new technology. The themes that entrepreneurs are working on shift over time.

This year, the heaviest www trustinsurance com emphasis is on the customer experience. In 2020, the modernization of the IT infrastructure was the top priority, in 2019 that was the recruitment of talented www trustinsurance com  staff.

Entrepreneurs www trustinsurance com  therefore switch quickly. SMEs in particular are currently giving high priority to customer experience and experience. New contact channels are added such as social media presence.Whitepaper: Working from home just like at the office

Working from home has become the norm at many companies. But this new standard does  demand something from employers. In this paper we will show you what is involved.SMEs are working on optimal customer interaction

The customer experience theme is by far at the top of the list in SMEs. In small businesses  with 5 to 50 employees, 57 percent are working on this, while 15 percent have completed it. For medium-sized companies with 51 to 150 employees, these figures are 55 percent and 21 percent respectively. So the middle category is already a bit further.

This trend continues at large companies with  www.trustinsurance.com151 to 1,000 employees. There, optimizing the customer experience dropped to seventh place with 50 percent and 14 percent respectively. In this group, the focus is on IT security and setting up management information systems.

These are also the top themes for very large companies (more than 1,000 employees). Customer experience optimization is in third place (69 percent working on it and 8 percent completed). Many projects are underway in this area, and the attention for this is comparable to that of SMEs.The why of digital transformation

The research further focused on the question of what motivates entrepreneurs to start with digital transformation. However, these drivers are still strongly focused on internal efficiency.Employee productivity must be increased. This can be done by automating processes and reducing costs.


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