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By entering a secondary dimension it is possible to carry out more in-depth analysis, comparing the data related to two related dimensions: for example, by choosing Search terms as the main dimension and Refined keyword as the secondary one, you can see if users perform more searches during a visit because they do not they can quickly find what they are looking for.Other relevant metrics, present in the Site Search> Pages section are

total unique searches: number of times the site search was used (this metric excludes duplicate searches for the same keyword during the same visit);Results / Search Pageviews: Average number of times visitors viewed a search results page after performing a search;

% exits from the search: the number of exits from the site that occurred following the result of an internal search;% : The total number of times a refinement (transition) occurs between internal search keywords within a session;time after search: the amount of time visitors spend on your site after getting results for the search term;

Average Search Depth: The number of pages visitors viewed after getting results for the search term.Finally, the Behavior Flow section shows the path taken by users during visits to the site, in which pages and events are represented by nodes (green and blue respectively).

Conversion reportsIn this report you will find the data related to the goals, such as the URL addresses of the goal, the Reverse Path to the goal, the Goal Funnel View, and the Goal Flow.To view this data, you must first set up your goals and configure your conversion funnel.

E-commerce reportThis section contains reports relating to transactions, product performance and sales; to view this data it is necessary to activate the e-commerce settings for the Google Analytics views and add the e-commerce tracking code to the site.

By selecting a product, you can also see the data on the source that led the user to purchase, or which category of products generates the most revenue; the transaction metric shows which products were purchased together during a visit, to give guidance on creating bundles.

  • Multi-channel funnel reportTo access the data contained in this report, you need to set goals, or e-commerce tracking, or both.
    The default settings for this type of report are as follows:
  • model of attribution of conversions to the last click;
  • conversion window of 30 days;
  • channels: direct, organic search, referral, social network, display, paid search, email.

Conversions can be divided into direct and indirect (or assisted), and for each channel it is possible to establish to what extent it has contributed to completing or assisting conversions depending on the value it assumes in the reports on Assisted Conversions:

  • for values ​​≈ 0 the channel has completed more conversions than it has witnessed or started;
  • for values ​​≈ 1 the channel has completed and attended approximately the same number of conversions;
  • for values> 1, the channel assisted most in the implementation of conversions.


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