Safety and reliability


the electronic medical record, or electronic file (FSE). The electronic medical record is a very useful tool for containing the health history of the patients concerned. The transfer of data between patients and healthcare professionals is thus facilitated by the digital tools available.

Of course, the issue of privacy is also very important in this area. The continuous development of the meaning of privacy and protection of personal data as well as of the protection itself is caused precisely by the evolution of technology. It is therefore essential to establish in principle who has permission to consult the clinical pictures;
the electronic prescription.

The concept of electronic prescription is a revolutionary and fundamental concept for streamlining the activities carried out within the clinics, even if it will not be an easy habit to accept for Italian citizens linked to old paper prescriptions. With the electronic prescription, first of all, the frequent error that occurs when drugs are prescribed is avoided.

Often, in fact, it is the pharmacist who must have the ability to interpret the GP’s handwriting to be able to understand which drug the patient needs. Another advantage is linked to the fact that the electronic prescription allows the State greater control and cost savings, since the electronic prescription costs much less than the traditional one that must be printed.

Ultimately, the electronic prescription makes it possible to simplify the pharmacovigilance and control operations carried out, for example, by the Italian ASLs. The law, in fact, provides that all recipes produced and delivered to health facilities must be checked.

It is now clear that the digital health tools that involve us bring substantial benefits to the entire health system and that the direction taken by the main health facilities is to ensure maximum reliability, punctuality and safety.

Modern healthcare can no longer be limited to providing the necessary care during emergencies. Also because very often the problems are aggravated by long waits or poorly managed communication. Therefore, the need arises to rely on digital health solutions.

What’s thisWe have been given the task of creating and managing the health expenditure monitoring system of the State General Accounting Office, owner of the project.With a view to digitization and simplification of the country system that facilitates the daily life of both citizens and services and organizations, we have created several projects capable of reducing the distance between the health system and the user.

What do we doHealth Card SystemCentral to this digital ecosystem is the TS System, established pursuant to art. 50 of L 326/2003. Our system is aimed at the national telematic survey of medical and pharmaceutical prescriptions and outpatient specialist services provided by the NHS.

Continuously evolving to support innovations in the health sector, the system allows a punctual, standardized and timely tracking of all phases of the prescribing process, enhancing the monitoring of both public spending in the health sector and initiatives aimed at promoting the appropriateness of prescriptions.

Thanks to this solution, the process of allocating and verifying the budget for pharmacovigilance and epidemiological surveillance is also simplified through timely analysis of the collected data.The TS System allows the management of different projects:


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