Remote monitoring and control capabilities


Stable and safe transmission

WiDIF-HP allows you to achieve a very stable wireless transmission without audio degradation; the transmission is also safe and extremely tolerant to interference. The format is digitally modulated and coded to minimize the risk of interception, offering maximum security in transmission. For the transmission of confidential information, WiDIF-HP offers two encryption modes:

Security key mode: Wireless communication between a transmitter and a receiver can be established by exchanging an encrypted key generated by the transmitter
Password mode:

it is possible to configure multiple transmitters and receivers by setting all devices with the same password defined by the user. This mode is also suitable for broadcast communication, as it allows several receivers to receive audio signals from a single transmitter

Cross Remote ™: innovative control and monitoring function

The Cross Remote function allows you to centrally manage up to 82 transmitters by defining a remote network system. The Cross Remote function of the DWX system is one of the most innovative features of digital transmission technology.

Allows you to monitor the status of the transmitter (for example, the remaining battery, the RF level and the name of the transmitter) and control its parameters (such as power on / sleep, attenuator level, filter frequency and RF power level out) from a remote receiver by combining metadata on WiDIF-HP and 2.4 GHz IEEE802.15.4 communication technology.

RF audio signals from digital and analog microphone systems are unaffected by 2.4 GHz communication. These  are ideal for managing large-scale multi-channel systems and significantly reduce power consumption.DWZ SeriesSuperb digital audio quality

High-quality 24-bit linear PCM digital transmission delivers flawless audio and a wide frequency range from 10Hz to 22kHz. Thanks to these high-quality digital packages, you can experience professional

-level performances by singers, guitarists, bassists and wind instrumentalists. In addition, these packages are designed to be used without a compander, thus addressing the problem of audio performance degradation typical of traditional analog wireless systems.


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