Redirect tests are useful


Instead of viewing every single session video, thanks to this tool it is possible to have an overview of what happened on a page of a site in a given period.
These are the functions that Hotjar makes available to us:

  • HeatMap
  • Session recording
  • Conversion funnel

Automatic Tracking Contact FormOnline surveysMail SurveyUser RecruitingGoogle OptimizeYou will surely have wanted to understand what impact a change in your landing page or site would have in terms of performance.

Google has also thought of creating a tool to do this, we are talking about Google Optimize that allows you to perform A / B tests (and not only) on websites. In a nutshell, thanks to Google Optimize it is possible to create and test multiple variants of the same web page in a very simple way to observe their performance and thus understand which is the best variant.

This means that for example you could try more types of Call to Action or create variations of images or colors. Once you understand which of the two versions brings more results, just make it definitive with a few clicks.

To see the results of the test in real time, Google Optimize must be linked to Google Analytics.How Google Optimize worksOptimize offers a wide range of experiments designed to fit the needs of your business.
A / B Test

An A / B test, sometimes called an A / B / n experiment, is a random experiment that uses two or more variants of the same web page (A and B).Variant A is the original. Variants B through n each contain at least one element that is changed from the original, such as a different colored call-to-action button.

In some experiments, variant B can be a completely different version of a web page. Each variant is published almost simultaneously with the other so that its performance can be observed and measured independently of other external factors.

Thanks to the targeting function, you can also limit your experiment to a specific audience. Optimize collects performance data against a goal for each variant and identifies the leading variant. For example: an A / B test of two variants of a product page (A and B).

Variant A has a color photo, while variant B has a black and white photo. Want to learn more about A / B testing and see a concrete example? This article is meant to help you understand how and why to experiment on your online content and use the experiment results to grow your business!

Redirect testA redirect test (also known as a split URL test) is a type of A / B test that allows you to test distinct web pages against each other.In redirect tests, variants are identified by URLs or paths rather than by one or more page elements. when you want to test two very different landing pages or a completely redesigned page.For example a test of two different landing pages, with different URLs:


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