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The 3 main functions of the GePI Platform

With respect to point 1, in particular, the Platform can be used to organize the work of case managers (operators responsible for the case, typically social workers) to collect and record information relating to the multidimensional taking in charge of the beneficiaries (preliminary analysis and analysis) and to define and monitor the Pact for Social Inclusion.
The GePI Platform allows, in fact, to:

  • Create an appointment agenda;
  • Define and sign the Pacts for Social Inclusion;
  • Communicate information on facts likely to give rise to sanctions;
  • Record any other information useful for monitoring the implementation of the Pacts for social inclusion;Redefine the objectives of the Pacts for social inclusion.

It is also used for the exchange of data between INPS and municipalities, necessary to carry out checks on residence, citizenship and residence requirements and return the results to INPS.

Finally, it allows municipalities to communicate information on projects owned by them that are useful for the community (PUC), in which all beneficiaries of the Citizenship Income who have signed the Labor Agreements and Social Inclusion Agreements are required to participate.

How to log inIn order to be accredited to the platform, all operators must have activated SPID (). Access to cases will be tracked and monitored at the Scope level. The platform is accessed via login linked to a specific profile:

Territorial Area Administrator: The Administrator is the user authorized to accredit operators authorized to perform the other roles on the Platform. He is designated as data processing manager on behalf of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies.

Coordinator for the Pact for Social Inclusion: it is the user who assigns to the operators identified as “reference figures” (ie case managers, typically social workers) the beneficiary families of the area of ​​competence; the Coordinator will be identified on the basis of the role played within the competent services in coordinating the work of social workers and other operators.

Case Manager for the Pact for Social Inclusion: it is the user who constitutes the reference figure, taking care of filling out the cards of the Preliminary Analysis, of the Analysis Framework and of the Pact for the social inclusion of

RdC beneficiaries, and of accompany the family throughout the journey (social worker or other operator of the Municipality or of the Area in the case of associated management). Each case manager user will only be able to see their own cases.


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