Protect your digital wallet with two-factor authentication


Create multiple payment profiles to easily store and use different credit cards for different purposes – for example, one for business and one for personal.Use LastPass Families to share important information, such as credit card or social security numbers, with your family, and you no longer have to physically travel to the same place to do so.Where to use the digital wallet?

Simplify mobile banking

We all know how important it is to protect our bank accounts with strong passwords, but typing them to access related mobile apps quickly becomes incredibly boring. By keeping your credentials on LastPass, you can speed up their insertion automatically or with a copy and paste.

Easily access payment service providersIf you use peer-to-peer payment platforms like PayPal or Venmo, your digital wallet can store their credentials for you.

Do without the wallet

When you have to pay for your online purchases, you no longer need to fetch your wallet to enter your credit card numbers accurately. By creating special profiles on LastPass, you can always have your cards at hand when you need them and even choose to make a purchase as a guest, if you do not want to save the data on each online store.

Protecting a real wallet can be difficult; but by saving your payment information on LastPass, you can protect it not only with a complex master password but also with two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication simply adds a second verification step to the login procedure, requiring an authentication code, fingerprint or approval notification, before granting authorization.

How safe is the digital wallet?

If your digital wallet is LastPass, then it is a lot! Our local-only encryption model ensures that your data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level. The data stored in your safe is kept secret, even at LastPass. Your master password and the keys used to encrypt and decrypt the data are never accessible by LastPass nor are they ever sent to its servers.

We have also obtained SOC 2 type II certification, a reference standard aimed at confirming the safety and reliability of LastPass following a detailed examination of the controls and processes in place.We can confidently say that this digital wallet is far more secure than the real one you carry in your pocket every day.

The purposes of the Legislative Decree are mainly two:

Being able to promptly detect the state of difficulty of a company (the Code uses the formula “early diagnosis”);Protect the entrepreneurial ability of the subject that goes to meet the state of insolvency, allowing him to intervene in time with corrective measures before the crisis becomes irreversible, and thus promote business continuity.

The most important change in the Code concerns the introduction of the concept of “internal alert procedures” and “tools for monitoring financial performance” for corporate management control, specifically designed to monitor economic,

financial and equity parameters of the company, thus detecting in advance the symptoms of a possible upcoming corporate crisis, thus favoring the continuation of the entrepreneurial activity.Internal alert systems and control bodies

With regard to internal alert systems, the entrepreneur is obliged to prepare them adequately in relation to the nature and size of his company. On the other hand, the corporate control bodies, the auditor and the auditing company have a threefold task:

Evaluate that the organizational structure of the company is adequate, that there is an economic-financial equilibrium and the foreseeable management trend;
Immediately report to the administrative body the existence of well-founded indications of a crisis;

Report to the supervisory body if the company administration does not take steps to solve the problem.The control body identified is the OCRI (Corporate Crisis Composition Body), established at the Chambers of Commerce. Once the report is received, the

OCRI has the task of managing the alert phase and identifying, together with the entrepreneur, the measures to be put in place to bring back the state of crisis, and a deadline within which to implement them.

In order for corrective interventions to be effective, the timeliness of the detection of the state of crisis is essential. The law also provides for the application of bonus measures in the event of

“judicial liquidation” (ex bankruptcy) against the company that has equipped itself with preventive warning systems, both from the asset point of view and from the point of view of criminal liability of the entrepreneur.

In the event of lack of supervision, these reward measures obviously cannot be requested, and the directors will jointly and severally respond to the debts accumulated by the company towards third parties.

Entrepreneurs and administrative bodies therefore have the task of complying with these obligations by equipping themselves with internal alert and management control tools and procedures, and activating them promptly at the first signs of a crisis.
What is the Digital CFO service and how can it help you?

The A3 Solutions IT Digital CFO service supports accountants, entrepreneurs / administrators and auditors in fulfilling this legal obligation. Suite of guidance, control and financial planning tools, thanks to the

Digital CFO the monitoring of company data takes place quickly and automatically, through a few simple steps, and allows you to keep the various economic-financial parameters under control. The service also provides immediate notification if any critical issues are identified.

What does our service include?

  • Fulfillment of the legal obligation;
  • Monitoring of the financial situation;
  • Early detection of corporate crisis symptoms;
  • Optimization of the financial balance;
  • Service always updated from a regulatory point of view.

The Digital CFO service is available in the Cloud and via smartphone app. If you want to know more, contact us: we are at your disposal to provide you with further information.


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