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With the (ODM) evrentals com  we provide insight into current trends and digital developments that help companies evrentals com determine their course. The ODM is an annual survey that Ordina apa car rental and Markteffect conduct among 1,700 IT decision-makers in the Benelux in the sectors: financial services, industry and government.

The apa car rental reports focus on themes that play a role in the digitization of companies. The second report is about the deployment adp avis budget  of multidisciplinary teams. Where multidisciplinary teams are deployed for IT projects, the benefits are actually experienced and adp avis budget teams are often also used apa car rental discount  outside of IT.

It is also apa car rental discount noticeable that larger organizations are leading the way in this respect and that there are still large differences hertzlink  in adoption rate.Download Ordina Digital Monitor 2021 – High performance teams hertzlink

The results from the Netherlands are based on a survey conducted by Markteffect among more than 1,200 IT decision-makers (more than 1,700 in the Benelux). The report is about the use and deployment of multidisciplinary teams in organizations and identifies, in addition to the benefits, the obstacles that are experienced.

The survey  www.wyndhamhotelgroup.com also provides insight into the differences in company size, industry and job level of the respondent.Download Ordina Digital Monitor 2021High performance teamsDownload Ordina Digital Monitor 2021 – Cyber ​​Security www.wyndhamhotelgroup.com

The results newcardonline.com  from the Netherlands are based on a survey conducted by Markteffect among more than 1,200 IT decision-makers (more than 1,700 in the Benelux). The first report is about newcardonline.com Cybersecurity.

What priority does this subject www newcardonline com  get and at what level in the organization does it play a role? What risks are seen, how are they acted on and what is (or should) the role of the government in this? www newcardonline com

Download Ordina Digital Monitor 2021Cyber ​​securityCurious about the 2020 reports?In 2020, the Ordina Digital monitor focused on the topics High performance teams, Intelligent data-driven organizations and . These newcardonline com  reports can be found in the archive of the Ordina digital monitor.

The digital newcardonline com transformation affects all companies, because the effects of digital processes, products and platforms with the associated new digital business models influence the known real trading level just as they dictate a new electronic trading level.

This poses particular challenges for the large, established companies in particular, as they on the one hand continue to drive the real core business (also with the help of digitization) but also have to develop the digital innovation business.In order to master this balancing act, in addition to implementing digital technologies, they also need digital knowledge of buymags com  digital business processes and models.

This mix of technological and buymags com  management-oriented competencies must also be linked to the actors involved in corporate management so that, in addition to process, product and platform development, the entire organization and the overarching strategy of the company are adjusted to the digital challenges. As is so often the case, these digital influences must be mastered by the top of a company.

Against this background, the question is where and how are digital competencies and the associated digital leadership responsibility anchored in the company? The issue of “DAX30 Digital Monitor” (2021) is intended to answer this question for the large and leading DAX companies in Germany. Further studies and issues on MDAX and SDAX companies are planned.


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