New digital media forms


Content has to speak to some (the Personas) and it has to do it in the right way, at the right time and in the right place.In the strategic phase, the best Social Media are also chosen to reach the target. Not all social networks are the same both for the type of users and for the type of use that users make of them.

Based on the platforms chosen and the target identified, you can move on to the study of the contents, a very important phase because it allows you to define the identity of the brand on Social channels and to give continuity to the management of Social Networks.Each social network has its own characteristics both in terms of media formats and intent of use. Consequently, the contents created will also have to be adapted.

A Linkedin user looking for information content, in order to express their opinion on the subject, will not be interested in the entertainment content found on Facebook.Conversely, an Instagram user looking for inspiration for purchases will not be motivated to leave his opinion on the corporate news of a company.Creation of the editorial plan

The Editorial Plan is a crucial tool for the management of Social Media, it is the link between strategy and operations where strategic information, contents and their planning are contained.To create the PED, we start from researching the topics, the topics, functional to the communication of the company and the objectives that have been decided.

Whether they are corporate topics or related to events, world days or columns created specifically around a topic of particular interest to the company: everything must be noted within the Editorial Plan to begin structuring the content creation activity.

Creation of an editorial planCreation of content for social mediaSocial contents are almost always composed of 2 distinct parts:The copyThe mediaPossibly the copy media (for example in the case of infographics)

Photos, texts and videos alone have little value in social media feeds, they do not attract attention or if they do attract it they are not able to give all the answers that the user may have.This is why it is important that a post is carefully studied in its entirety and that it makes the most of the format that the Social makes available to us.

The copyFor Copy we mean the accompanying text of a post, whether it is a simple claim or a detailed description of a product. It is the content editor or copywriter who has the task of choosing the narrative style and summarizing the message in a few lines. Or many, if it is a “long post” suitable for the communication style of the social network (eg Facebook).
The media

Although words are the most common means of communication, when we scroll through Social Media feeds, what catches our attention the most are not the texts of a post.What convinces us to stop our scrolling down and stop on a content are in particular Media, i.e. visual content: videos, photos, infographics, illustrations.

This happens because photographic communication is much more immediate than written communication and captures the user’s attention in an instant, what we have available while scrolling through the message boards, feeds, explorer sections, etc. of social networks.

The choice of formats, designs and their realization are up to a Graphic Designer in the case of a graphic, a Video Editor in the case of video formats, a Motion Graphic Designer in the case of video animations.

It is an extremely delicate job that requires solid technical skills in the use of specific software, a strong aesthetic taste in the choice of shapes and color palettes and, in particular, continuous updating on new technologies and.


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