Monitoring system that allows you to analyze


KontrolON is the integrated and 4.0  production data in real time.Efficiency in production processes is achieved with a monitoring system capable of detecting actual production compared to the planned one.

The purchase of latest generation machinery is not enough. It is important to obtain an analysis of production performance and information on the critical issues that may arise, in real time.

The first step in implementing a strategy to improve the production process is to understand the importance of data analysis. Let’s see what an interactive dashboard is and what advantages it brings in the context of production monitoring.
Interactive dashboard: real-time data analysis

Production monitoring the advantages of an interactive dashboard With the interactive dashboard, the data collected is immediately available, facilitating analysis and instant intervention by business operators.

The analysis of data in real time supports future decisions and allows us to understand what happened in the past. Until recently, the data were represented in a historical accumulated over time and the information was extrapolated manually. Today, information is obtained automatically and efficiently.

This is thanks to the improvements in technology and their integration into business processes. The data collected is visible in an interactive dashboard. It is an information management tool that tracks, analyzes and reports, even in graphical form, the data of the activities monitored.

Customizing the interactive dashboard: what you can do with kontrolONKontrolON is the monitoring system that checks the data of industrial plants. Its interactive dashboard reports the data collected, accessible directly on the associated device (PC, tablet, smartphone).

The dashboard can be customized according to business needs and allows you to view:data relating to different production sites (e.g. in the case of a multi-site company)
anomalies, plant shutdowns, production below the threshold, machinery breakdowns, deadlines related to maintenanceenergy consumption and CO2 emissions generated during the production phasesproduction costs

Based on the needs and business needs, you have the possibility to choose which notifications to activate.What is production monitoringMonitoring of production makes it possible to achieve the objectives set by the company. It highlights any inefficiencies and defines an overview of the activities.

Effective business monitoring allows you to increase the quality of the product and processes, reducing waste. The entire production process is optimized: from the entry of raw materials and its components, to the finished product, which then reaches the distribution channels.The monitoring of production, planning, data collection and analysis create a competitive advantage on the market.


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