Monitoring panel


Coordinator for registry checks: the user of the Municipality who assigns the list of RdC beneficiaries for whom to verify the residence and stay requirements to the persons responsible for the registry checks, thus planning the work of the same;

Responsible for the registry checks: is the user of the Municipality who checks the residence and stay requirements of the RdC beneficiaries and has access to the relative data for the municipality that indicated it;

PUC Manager: the user who is in charge of uploading the Useful Projects to the Community (PUC) and completing the process of managing the beneficiaries assigned to the projects, based on the indications provided by the case managers and the representatives of the Employment Centers .

To ensure access to the platform, each Territorial Area must notify the Ministry of a natural person to be accredited on the platform, accessible online, for the performance of the role of Administrator of the Territorial Area.A monitoring panel with aggregated data will be available on the Platform.What is remote monitoring and how is it applied?10 Jun, 2021This article will discuss:

  • What is remote monitoring and its application?
  • What condition monitoring and remote monitoring represent and their roles in Industrie 4.0
  • How condition monitoring differs from remote monitoring
  • The industrial solutions that make remote monitoring possible
  • The benefits of remote monitoring for the industrial sector

Industrie 4.0 introduces new ways of performing known tasks. The industrial solutions that Industrie 4.0 allows, are able to provide a “light-off” establishment, in which manual labor is reduced to a minimum while the machines make decentralized decisions.

The fourth industrial revolution also seeks to optimize the safety of the industrial workforce and to improve the use of machines through condition monitoring and remote monitoring strategies.

Are remote monitoring and condition monitoring different?

To improve plant productivity, the resources on the production line must function at their optimum capacity during production cycles. To ensure that production equipment is performing optimally, the parameters that track machine usage must be captured and analyzed to determine how to recreate and maintain optimized conditions over time.

Condition monitoring is the application of digital transformation technology to track machine utilization rate and other parameters, leading to an optimized production cycle. Condition monitoring uses digital industrial solutions, such as IIoT devices and edge-computing devices, to track both machine performance and the surrounding production line environment.

When key performance indicators or metrics are available, such as overall equipment efficiency levels, overall operation effectiveness, total actual equipment performance, or production quality, it means condition monitoring. Condition monitoring also provides the foundation for applying predictive maintenance and condition monitoring strategies.


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