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The objectives of the European Commission regarding e-health are:

Improve the health of its citizens by using digital tools that are also transnational to make appropriate health information availableEnhance the quality and access to health care by coordinating the strategies of the various member countries

Making digital tools and services for healthcare more widespread, more efficient and easier to use, also thanks to the involvement of healthcare professionals and patients in strategic design and implementation choices.

It therefore set up an eHealth Network, that is a network of national authorities in the field of digital health and care, to accelerate the adoption of eHealth and facilitate the cooperation of EU countries that adhere to directive 2011/24 / EU.

Important examples of the community eHealth program are for example the technology for the location of emergency calls, AML (Advanced Mobile Location), which is expected to save at least 7,500 lives in the next 10 years, or the eCall technology, mandatory on all cars. and newly approved light commercial vehicles.Calling the eCall to Emergency Services: How eCall in the car (SOS) works

eHealth in ItalyIn Italian, e-health could be translated as digital health (which corresponds to digital health in English). However, the term digital health (or the English equivalent) can have various different nuances as we will see later.

eHealth | Healthcare on the Net in Italy

The Italian Ministry of Health defines eHealth as “networked health” (perhaps deriving the term from the English “connected health”), ie as:”The use of tools based on information and communication technologies to support and promote the prevention, diagnosis, treatment  and the management of health and lifestyle.”

To these are added Civil Protection initiatives such as the IT-alert service.Many private initiatives are also underway. For example, on the occasion of the Digital Week in Milan, the “Wired Health” event sponsored by the magazine Wired, with the scientific and editorial collaboration of Humanitas, took place on 15 March 2018 and 13 March 2019, to explore issues related to application of technology to health.

More information on this important Italian event is available in: Wired Health Innovation for Life.What are the areas of e-Health?The term eHealth can refer to a wide range of IT and communication tools that refer to the field of public and private health as well as personal wellbeing (in English).

EHealth affects three main areas:the medical field relating to health (health sector)
the technological fieldthe human scope of application of medical practices and technologies to usersHealthcare of eHealth

From the health point of view, eHealth refers to all those new procedures and products resulting from technological innovation that can make improvements to the quality of health services offered to patients, for example in terms of greater efficiency and convenience and / or less cost.


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