Monitoring, analyzing and optimizing


Landing Pages – “Landing” pagesUsers who access your website by “landing” on dedicated pages behave in very different ways. What can you do to improve these pages? What elements can be changed to improve conversion results?Connection speed, operating system and browser

It is also important to take into account the technology used, because it can affect user behavior. A high “bounce rate” for low-bandwidth users, for example, could indicate that your site is taking too long to show pages. Different browsers can also display the same website in different ways.

Then the mobile vision, very different from the desk one: are they consistent with each other?Geographic locationUsers from different countries, provinces or cities generally behave differently on the website. How can you optimize the experience for these different groups?

Data visualization: the importance of data presentation.Not everyone is good at understanding a site navigation report, so it becomes essential to present information in a way that is accessible to everyone.

Those who deal with the “data visualization” must therefore layout the data in a facilitated “visual” context precisely to help users understand more easily. There are various software to visually facilitate the presentation of models and trends that would risk being neglected in presentation based solely on texts and tables.

It is not easy to decide which data to display and which information to highlight, but, if you know your audience and know what they need, then you should be able to select the data with the useful information.

For this the Dashboard was created: a graphical interface (also called dashboard) that displays all the key indicators (KPIs) relevant to a particular system or business process. These screens summarize the information and data,

coming from multiple sources, in an organized and easy to consult way.Tools of the tradeObviously, specific software is needed for data collection and analysis. Some are free and some are not.

You will then need to figure out which web analytics package is best suited to your needs and provides the data most compatible with your needs. Remember that if you then decide to change the analysis tool, you may lose the historical data of previous activities. Here are some of the main web analytics tools:

Clicky – clicky.comVisit the related sites to see the characteristics and peculiarities of each solution, and try to use the “free accounts” of the different tools to evaluate the differences. Trying out several other tools helps you better understand what data we need and how web analytics are presented.

Instead of jumping from one tool to another, we decided to invest in Hubspot, which not only allows us to keep everything under control, but offers powerful tools for marketing automation and sales, allowing us to optimize generation of customers and the management of sales processes

(management of potential customers in the database, creation of automatisms, management of all social channels, blogs, landing pages and reports on all online activities). All this through the application of inbound marketing methodologies.


is now a fundamental path for any marketing activity.Digital marketing allows you to track easily and quickly, and allows us to continuously optimize our marketing strategies. If we use real data to help us make decisions, we will make better choices for our business.

With the use of user-friendly reporting interfaces and free and powerful web analytics tools like Google Analytics, there is no excuse for not knowing what’s going on on your site or campaigns.

However, it can be easy to get too fixated on very specific data or metrics, often losing sight of broader trends. It is advisable to start from “macro”, global, therefore tendential visions and then move on to “micro” elements, more closely linked to the functioning of our website … and then also allow the numbers to decide for you.


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