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The best software teams produce fast and often.Jira Software is designed to empower every member of the software teamto collaborate, monitor and release quality software.JSW board overview

PlanCreate user stories and issues, plan sprints and distribute tasks within the software team. your team’s work in the global context with full visibility.JSW Releases OverviewRelease

Produce intelligently and securely, knowing that the information at your disposal is always up-to-date.ReportImprove team performance based on the real-time visual data at your disposal.Choose a workflow or create your own

Each team has a unique process for producing software. Use a predefined workflow or create one that matches the way your team works.Integrate the tools you already useEnhance workflows with world-class integrations to empower your teams to perform at their best.

What is a digital wallet?

“Digital wallet” is a generic term that identifies a range of technologies that help store payment information and perform transactions digitally. A digital wallet allows you to materially dispense with cash and credit cards and replace them with electronic transactions and payment methods, usually using mobile devices to transmit payment data securely.

Designed for storing passwords, credit card data and more, LastPass acts as a simple, secure and extremely effective digital wallet, facilitating and speeding up the online shopping experience on all e-commerce sites, regardless of device in use. If you ever forget your credit card at home, you can always count on LastPass.
How to use autofill to fill in payment information.
How does it work

You can shop online without ever having to put your hand to your wallet. Just log into your favorite online store with a password manager like LastPass. During the payment, an icon will appear on which to click to automatically enter all the necessary data, from the address to the telephone number to the credit card.

And if you’re out and about, you can take advantage of the same convenience as LastPass, getting rid of the need to type passwords on mobile devices with the extensions for Safari and Chrome on iOS and the autofill feature on Android. As if that weren’t enough, you can save even more time with shortcuts for copying and pasting.

The benefits of a digital walletExample of payment form fill profiles in a LastPass digital wallet.

Shop online faster with automatic form filling.Keep your credit cards safe by storing them in your LastPass digital wallet. If it’s safe for your passwords, you can trust it with all the rest of your sensitive data as well!

Protect your information by avoiding saving your credit card data on various online stores with dubious reliability. Thanks to your LastPass digital wallet, you no longer have to settle for choosing between convenience and security!


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