Modern data management as the basis


In the opinion michael cucciare  of the NKR, this requires even more strategic attention for questions of standardization and architecture management, the provision of platforms and michael cucciare  connection mechanisms (middleware) as well as for the simplified procurement and reuse of standardized michael cucciare  solutions.

The OZG implementation will apamonitor  remain a “handicraft workshop”, unless it is possible to further develop the German overall system of administrative digitization in the apamonitor  direction of industrial production models as quickly as possible. The properties of platforms that provide orientation, apamonitor reduce transaction costs and promote scaling are of particular importance.

According to the NKR, the material success of the OZG depends on two factors: the acceptance by the users and the relief of expenses for the public sector. Online services are user-friendly and efficient when the necessary data does not have to be entered by hand digital  over and over again and evidence has to be found and processed in paper form or as a scan.

Therefore maturity level 4 of the OZG implementation includes the implementation of the digital  once-only principle. User data and evidence should be replaced by register inquiries with the consent of the applicant. Future automation potentials could only be tapped with sensible data management.

Currently, in the broader administrative landscape, neither registers nor online application digital  procedures or specialist procedures are able to actually implement the once-only principle. First of all, public data management needs to be upgraded, the core of which is the modernization of registers. In addition, there is the need to standardize data fields and adapt the law.

The modernization of the register is comparable in importance and dimension with the OZG. However, the necessary overall coordination of register modernization is still underdeveloped. While the OZG implementation is already in its fourth year, the modernization of the register is still at the very beginning.

In view of the importance of the task, similar program structures, human resources and political attention are required for its successful implementation as for the OZG itself. Implementation must now be driven forward more vigorously. An overview of which data is available in which registers is required.

The administrative data information platform of the Federal Statistical Office and the Federal Information Management (FIM) – in particular the modules FIM processes and FIM forms – could be used to create this overview. The digitization suitability of the law must also be increased. The NKR intends to publish recommendations and reports on this shortly. (sib)


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