Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring


Dynatrace is the answer to a specific need of companies: to accelerate the digital transformation path while being able, at the same time, to monitor the complex IT environment. Increasingly complex cloud and multi-cloud platforms are putting a strain on enterprise IT departments:

cloud-native applications are spread across hundreds or even thousands of microservices that are hosted on various versions of multi-cloud or hybrid infrastructures. The need to accelerate the digital transformation process, an imperative to remain competitive with competitors, often breaks against the wall of scarce resources available to IT.

To cope with this situation, companies have implemented multiple full-stack monitoring solutions: but the result has been to create an environment that is even more complex and even more difficult to fully manage. In addition, much of the IT department’s time is still spent on basic activities, which have little added value.

Since the latter are also repetitive, companies are looking for new ways to automate this type of operations, free up human resources to add value to the company’s business and, therefore, be able to further accelerate digital transformation.

Dynatrace therefore stands as an all-in-one software intelligence platform that simplifies the complexity of the corporate cloud and accelerates digital transformation. At the heart of its offering is Davis AI and full automation with the aim of providing clear answers on application performance, their underlying infrastructure and end-user experience.

In the (APM) software of 2020, Dynatrace was named by Gartner as a leader for the tenth consecutive year; for the third consecutive year it was the best company for completeness of vision and also received the highest score in five of the six critical capabilities, IT Operations, DevOps Release, Application Support, Application Development and Cloud Ops.

What is Dynatrace: infrastructure monitoring, APM and AIOps

Dynatrace is a software intelligence platform that natively integrates APM, infrastructure monitoring, digital experience management and digital business analytics with integrated AIOps, all assisted in context by the deterministic Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that underpins the platform. itself.

It is a solution that allows companies to monitor in detail the performance of their cloud environment. Every single event is monitored and recorded: companies can keep track of every dependency and every relationship between the various elements of the infrastructure to identify any anomalies in performance and inefficiencies in the bud.

The implementation of Dynatrace guarantees advanced observability. Companies, for example, can:

  • check the health of systems by checking, in real time and constantly, parameters such as
  • CPU, memory, disk space and network usage;
  • carefully track performance issues using custom thresholds and get to the detail of the
  • cause programmatically;
  • ensure that cloud applications run reliably and consistently;
  • prevent problems before they have a tangible impact on customer operations.


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