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The strategic, decision diana screening questions -making and steering capabilities of these structures have so far fallen short of expectations

Although the  IT council as the central diana screening questions  coordination bodies have gained professionalism and coordination resources have been built up at FITKO, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Chancellery, the strategic, decision-making and steering capabilities of these structures fall short of expectations.

This is also due to the perhaps declining, but persisting forces of persistence  diana screening questions and some defensive attitudes in specialist ministries, states and municipalities, where, with all the cultural change to be recognized, traditional ways of thinking are often enough to be found.

Therefore, not only should a stronger community spirit be appealed, but a realignment of governance should be considered in order to reduce implementation complexity, improve diana tamir  orientation, promote standardization and facilitate control.

We are not necessarily talking about a digitization ministry, but about more central diana tamir  coordination and implementation power and, above all, more standardization and binding force. We need more »responsible governance«.

It is also worth taking a look at the “Project for Optimizing Federal Control and diana tamir  Coordination” in Switzerland, which has dealt intensively with the governance issue in the federal state.
How do we get a cross-level Government Digital Service for Germany? The digital service standard can form a first framework.

From the point of view of governance and taking into account the recommendations of the Federal Government’s Digital Council, the federal and state governments should also decide which institution in Germany could take on the role of the Danish digitization agency or the British Government Digital Service.

Both institutions have a conceptual and practice-oriented effect, but above all have a culture-changing effect on the digitization efforts in the specialist administrations – but at all administrative levels and with a workforce that – transferred to Germany – would amount to thousands.

It would be logical to assign such a task, including the associated resources, to FITKO in the future, or to develop comparable competencies there and to link or even merge them closely with the existing federal and state projects. It is questionable whether a mere networking of the existing innovation units in the federal and state governments can achieve the same leverage effect.

In any case, the application of the digital service standard across projects, organizations and levels is desirable, which, if used by many, becomes a common bracket and possibly enables a kind of virtual overall organization of the OZG innovators and implementers.

The more binding and user-friendly the service standard can be made in the coming months and years, the greater its (bracketing) effect would be.

Figure 3: The digital service standard, National Regulatory Control Council
If user-friendliness is essential, Once Only is essential. Neither of these works without register modernization!

A prerequisite for a high level of user-friendliness is the implementation of the once-only principle. Data from citizens and companies should be used more easily by the administration and not have to be re-entered over and over again. With the Register Modernization Act, the federal government has presented a draft regulation that aims to make OZG-relevant data easier to access with the help of the tax identification number.

So that citizens can easily understand when, for what and by which administrations the tax ID was used as a uniform personal identifier, a data cockpit is to be set up that enables access to the corresponding log data. These should be used by so-called Intermediaries who control the data flows between the administrations are recorded. The bill is controversial because it raises constitutional questions from the point of view of data protectionists.


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