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How identifiable are you with browser fingerprints?To get a glimpse of how unique or identifiable you are on the web, examine your browser’s fingerprint controllers. Most of these free checks can reveal how much information your devices track.

Here are some popular ones anyone can use:1. Device informationThis is a simple website that provides you with a snapshot of all the information relating to your system. You can think of it as a snapshot of your complete browser fingerprint.2. Am I unique?

AmIUnique is an open source verifier with a mission to allow users to find out how identifiable they are. The site also provides developers with data to help them design good defense mechanisms.

If you want to check your fingerprint, simply go to the home page and click View my browser’s fingerprint. Please note that the website will collect your fingerprint and place a cookie on your browser for a period of four months to help with their mission.

The website also allows users to download the browser’s fingerprint and even features a browser extension for Chrome that can track the fingerprint.3. Cover your tracksRun by the digital privacy nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation, this free service allows users to test their browsers to see how secure they are from fingerprints and tracking.

The status of your browser is provided through a report that provides three indicators:

Whether or not your browser is blocking tracking ads.If your browser is blocking invisible trackers.Whether you are protecting yourself from fingerprints.How to defend against browser fingerprints

While no defense against browser fingerprinting is 100% foolproof, something is better than nothing. Here are some methods to use if you want to avoid being a victim of browser fingerprinting.Invest in private browsing

Mainstream browsers like Chrome and Firefox aren’t always able to protect your data when it comes to fingerprinting. Investing in more privacy-focused browsers, such as Brave, is a good idea as they do not allow the storage of data cookies as they are automatically deleted after each session.Disable JavaScript

JavaScript is the primary tool used by most websites to obtain browser fingerprint information and it is best to keep it disabled in the browser if you are concerned about it.With JavaScript disabled, a website will have no way to create a correct fingerprint, as only little information about the user will be available.

Remember that with JavaScript disabled, you may not be able to access certain websites that rely on it.Related: what is JavaScript and how does it work?
Keep your software up to date

Keeping your software up to date is an important step in protecting yourself from browser fingerprints.  to keep your anti-malware and anti-virus software up-to-date, otherwise these tools will not be able to detect the latest exploits or install patches for recently discovered vulnerabilities.


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