Internal monitoring


An opportunity to diversify the advice to your clientsDigital CFO Zucchetti is the Cloud service that allows you to monitor the financial situation of your customers, in order to detect the symptoms of a company crisis in advance, as required by the new legal obligations, and to optimize the financial balance, in order to improve the bank-business relationship.

This is how the opportunity arises for the Professional to offer advice with high added value able to retain customers and protect them from the risk of bankruptcy.Operational tools for guidance, control and financial planningWith Digital CFO Zucchetti you have the possibility to offer in extreme simplicity:a certified  and alert system which, as required by law 155/2017, adopts a “forward looking” approach;

a treasury tool that allows customers to estimate financial needs and plan their coverage;
the analysis of financial risks and the Risk Center to detect prejudicial behaviors or incorrect reports in the information communicated by intermediaries that jeopardize the credit profile;

the verification and optimization of the credit image of client companies for maintaining or obtaining credit and, at the same time, verifying the bankability at each credit institution;
verification of the possibility of obtaining the counter-guarantee from Mediocredito Centrale.

“Business monitoring” is a function of Telemaco that allows you to periodically check, without user intervention, if changes have been submitted or registered in the Business Register for a group of companies of interest (perhaps in their own territory, or that perform certain activities) and provides the official document with updated information.

The list of companies for which monitoring is activated can be modified at any time by adding new companies or eliminating those deemed no longer of interest; up to 1,000 businesses can be monitored at the same time.

Furthermore, at any time, it is possible to export in an editable format (.csv) the list of selected companies, with the main identification data and the activity status of each.The object of the monitoring service is exclusively the registered offices of the company (therefore local units and secondary offices are excluded).

For each company it is possible to choose which variations to ascertain and find: for example if the directors have changed, if the company shares have changed or the financial statements have been filed, if bankruptcy procedures have been opened or the locations in the territory have been changed, or it can be decided that any changes registered in the Business Register for that position are notified.

The two fundamental advantages are the automatism and timeliness with which changes in the companies included in the list are notified:

the task of those who, for professional reasons, or in carrying out institutional assignments, must keep up to date on the events they change, is therefore simplified. for example, the structure of customers, suppliers, commercial partners, or companies that participate in procedures for the award of public contracts.


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