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Some tools allow, in addition to monitoring, to analyze the sentiment of interactions to understand if these are related to positive or negative feelings. At  we mainly use Brandwatch and Talkwaker.Results reportA data driven approach is essential in the implementation of effective social management, and is useful both in the creation of the strategy and in actual management.

The social networks themselves provide dedicated cards with useful insights to evaluate the performance of profiles and contents. Generally the main KPIs (Key Performance, with relative (often substantial) differences on social networks are:

Fan or followerComposition of the audienceImpressions (number of content extras)Coverage (person reached)Interactions (reactions, comments, shares)
Engagement rateVideo viewsClicks on calls to action (CTA or call to action)

Even in the case of data, there are third-party platforms (eg FanPage Karma) capable of providing additional data thanks to the APIs provided by social networks that allow the development of applications capable of transferring data outside the social network itself.

The important thing to know is that there is no platform or software capable of providing everything that would be needed for a complete data analysis.The most important factors to make the collection and analysis of data comprehensive, and functional to understand and optimize social management, are:

Centralization allows you to have an overall view of the data, combining the data of different social networksThe qualitative analysis, therefore, allows you to enter into the specifics, for example, of the type of content that perform best and which are the personas for which they are most relevant

For this reason, in the agency we have developed a control panel (Dashboard) capable of providing the most important data of all the major social networks in real time, as well as allowing (in fact) a qualitative analysis of content and audience.Social results reportPrices

As with most web communication and digital marketing activities, there is no fixed price list:You can start from 4,000 euros per year (about 350 euros per month) for a one-off consultancy and support activity.The costs vary between 600 and 1,500 euros per month for the management of two social networks, with an average publication frequency. Usually about 3-4 weekly contents.

They reach and exceed 2,000 euros per month for the complete management of the main corporate social networks (usually Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin), in national and international markets, with communities that (indicatively) exceed 15,000,000 fans or followers.There are a number of parameters that affect, in particular, the prices of social network management:

The number of weekly / monthly publications: we do not usually consider the value of management as a function of the number of content published, which for some social networks (eg Twitter) is however a fundamental factor for visibility.

The number and type of social networks to manage: each social media has its own characteristics and needs dedicated strategies and posts.Shared consultancy and / or management: there is the possibility of operating a strategic consultancy (one-off or periodic) on editorial plans, whose strategic and operational setting is far from obvious and can allow customers to manage independently, in whole or in part , his accounts.


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