IBM Digital twin Exchange


Microsoft Azure Digital Twins

The Microsoft Azure suite includes: an open modeling language for building custom domain models of any connected environment; a live execution environment to create graphical representations in real time;

the Azure IoT Hub, which connects inputs from IoT and corporate systems together with logic apps and Api Rest; output generated in Time Series Insights, as well as storage and analytics with event routes to downstream services such as Azure Synapse Analytics. Available in the cloud.

The IBM service is named after the ability to share digital assets with manufacturers, OEMs, third party vendors, and users. It is part of the Maximo asset management suite, which allows “journeys to predict”, or simulations to discover possible scenarios: the data sent by the IoT sensors of the object /

plant are hosted in cloud architectures where the various software provide real-time monitoring of processes, developing predictive models on the criticalities of individual assets and connecting them directly to an inventory and supply chain optimization system.

Maximo Asset Monitor allows advanced remote monitoring on a large scale, powered by artificial intelligence. Available on-premise, Saas and dedicated Saas.4 billion people in the world use Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok, Clubhouse, Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp.

Certainly in the future we will use platforms that have not yet been developed, or that are still not very widespread today. An impressive volume of users, but above all a huge volume of potential customers for companies.

Because customers are already on Social Networks and they also spend a lot of time there: Italians spend an average of 120 minutes a day watching content on social media online.

Global digital report 2021Source: Global Digital Report 2021 – We Are SocialAsking if a company should have social profiles is the wrong question.The correct question is no longer Social Media yes or no, but Social Media HOW?

Opening a company’s social media accounts is quick and easy, but populating them with content, growing followers, creating engagement and finding new customers is a full-time job that requires different activities and skills: analysis, creativity, strategy, moderation.

In addition to several professionals: social media managers, copywriters, graphic designers, community managers, analysts, just to name a few.Corporate social management is a team effort.

Analysis of the target, strategy and study of the contentsThe publication of a post on Social Media is only the tip of the iceberg of a work that starts from afar, the final expression of a phase of study and careful strategic planning.

It starts with a global evaluation of the customer: the nature of his business and company, his online presence and his social identity. A comparison is made with competitors and a research on the target that the strategy wants to intercept.

The questions in this phase are many and you cannot go to the operational phase until you have received all the answers.Is it a B2B or B2C business? On which social networks are the target customers located? How is it possible to differentiate from competitors?It is only with a solid strategy that you can begin to think about content.


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