How to secure national data


The answer to this thorny problem – with respect to which other countries such as France have simply affirmed the will of total national sovereignty over the cyber domain, for which the cloud of the

French PA can only be entrusted to companies of European nationality that own data center in France – it seems it could derive for our country, imposing “a robust and careful contractual framework” on the Americans.

In reality, without full and total control of digital infrastructures, we will not be able to relaunch a country that has already made bad choices on the matter. It would be enough to recall how many and what mistakes we have made with optical fiber, which is still an asset to be made today when we could have had it already for decades (the reference is to the so-called Telecom Italia SOCRATES Plan).

It is argued that the reason for the presence of the American web giants would depend on the need to use the technologies that only the Americans and, perhaps even the Chinese, have.

But these technologies would be those necessary for the creation of the cloud, that is, an infrastructure of geographically redundant data centers, because as regards the functioning of the computers also in the French system it is clear that US technologies will be used starting with software at the operational level.

Well, how is it possible to think that Italy with its major IT companies is not technologically capable of autonomously creating this infrastructure and guaranteeing all its features including those of safety, quality and efficiency?

But above all, how is it possible to have triggered a project that puts Italian excellence in competition with each other instead of seeing them compact ready to participate in the digital revolution of the country’s public administration?WHITEPAPER

Accelerate innovation in the company with cloud based sap projectsCloudERPFind out moreDownload the WhitepaperPerhaps the explanation lies in the fact that in this scenario we lose sight of the true interest of the story which is precisely the data of the PA.

PA dataThe importance of PA dataIn fact, always referring to the web page “A strategy for the digital infrastructures of the Public Administration” of the website of the Agency for Digital Italy reads:

The strategy makes a fundamental distinction between:

– Infrastructures that manage strategic services, or a small number of technological assets (servers, connectivity, networks, etc.) that enable essential functions of the country, such as mobility, energy, telecommunications.


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