How is online reputation monitored?


Online reputation (sometimes called digital reputation) is a discipline that consists of constant monitoring of the web and social media in search of external references (Twitter, Facebook, review sites, forums and so on) to one’s brand, or to one’s own website. All this is done in a systematic way in an attempt to provide a metric on how we are “seen” by the web and on how, above all, it is possible to make those results look their best.

Online reputation: definition

You’ve probably heard of business reputation and reputation monitoring before. Reputation management on the web is a real art that unites both big brands and individual professionals. In the past, very famous brands, banks, even future presidents of the United States have made use of this technique to monitor the signals that came from the web on a person or a company.

Is your online presence in danger?PROTECT YOUR REPUTATION ONLINEWhy should you need advice on your online reputation?In a complex market such as the current one, corporate stakeholders highly value the external image of the brand, including what appears on Google:

improving the reputation, therefore, can contribute in the medium to long term to the economic health of the company or professional in question. In this specific case, however, sometimes we also speak of corporate reputation.
What does the web reputation activity do?

They are monitoring objects for web reputation, usually:

  • the Google SERPs, or specifically
  • review sites
  • industry forums
  • vertical blogs
  • price comparison sites
  • social networks

These are platforms in which criticism or appreciation of brands can be expressed, which can be important to monitor in order to decide in which direction to direct one’s promotion strategies.

At the same time, in some cases, a web reputation consultancy can help the client to correct their corporate image, which otherwise the web (a typical double-edged sword) could compromise by influencing the perception of the brand, the number of visits to the site and conversions (ROI).Online reputation in more detail

How to perceive the sentiment expressed online regarding a brand? How does it compare the positive and negative impact of user comments? How to make the sources that damage a company’s reputation disappear from Google?Web reputation management is what is right for you!

Online reputation, also called web reputation, refers to the monitoring, verification, tracking and possible removal of any negative content that is present in the Google search results for your name or your company.

Companies generally have to monitor their brand reputation, and often make use of external consultants specialized in the sector. One of the main activities that are foreseen in this area is to remove links from Google on request: for more information contact us.Improve the brand reputation

The concept of brand reputation, therefore, also passes through the evaluation of these aspects. Any person or company has search results on Google that concern them, in fact, does not always have the possibility to check 100% the quality and truthfulness of what is shown.

This can be a very serious problem to solve, as it can damage the brand image and create problems at various levels. A classic case could be that of some review sites, which may often show negative reviews about us or our company.

In these cases, therefore, it is possible to exploit multiple strategies to avoid showing them on the front page, given that Google gives a lot of importance to sites of this type and often, moreover, the trend of searches tends to show those results because of the interest. that they generate unknowingly.

The management of digital reputation, also called web reputation, is a set of activities that include monitoring, analysis of opinions expressed online, interventions aimed at improving the positive signals associated with the brand and reducing the negative ones present on Google, related to the brand or subject in question.Reputation on the web is in effect a company asset and a source of economic value and allows


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