How far are government organizations?


1 year later: 4% demonstrably accessible apamonitor

Only 4% of the websites of the Dutch government are demonstrably easily accessible for apamonitor people with disabilities. 200 OK has, in response to signals from the Digital Inclusion User Network, updated the figures of the survey that was carried out exactly one apamonitor year ago. This survey is again based on 7,000 government websites.

We have added the data of the websites from various sources that are not in the register digital  on accessibility to the register to form a single overview. This leads to the following percentages:

4% fully complies (A). An investigation was carried out no more than 3 years ago. No digital  problems were found and the site is fully satisfactory.24% partially comply (B). An investigation has been carried out, problems and the consequences for users have been identified and (remedial) measures digital have been planned.23% have taken first measures (C).

A first step has been taken, for example an initial investigation has been scheduled. The degree of accessibility is still largely unknown.15% does not comply (D). No concrete steps have been taken yet. However, an explanation is available.34% give no information (E). No information about the accessibility of the site is available.

If we only look at entries in the register itself, ie PSYCHOLOGY  at about two-thirds of all government websites, we arrive at the following figures: Only 6% of the websites comply according to the statement (A). 36% partially comply (B), 35% have taken initial measures (C) and 23% do not comply at all (D).

It is encouraged to publish a statement in this register, but this is  PSYCHOLOGY not mandatory. You can also do this on your own website.Increase investigated websites PSYCHOLOGY Status accessibility statement September 20, 2021 September 21, 2020

  • Status A 4% 1%
  • Status B 24% 7%
  • Status C 23% 14%
  • Status D 15% 6%
  • Status E 34% 72%

Register accessibility statements

The use of the registry is still increasing. Last year on September 22, 2020, 1050 statements were made public about 1940 websites. On September 20, 2021, this number has increased to 2909. In addition, 139 statements for apps have been created. A total of 4652 web addresses are mentioned in the accessibility statements of websites. This is an estimated two-thirds of the total number of web addresses for which governments are responsible.

  • How do governments pick it up
  • Municipalities and provinces

All provinces have registered their main website in the Register of Accessibility Statements. There is no (public) statement in the register of 30 municipalities. Of the 30 municipalities, 27 have a statement on the main website.

An organization is not obliged to use the register. Most statements on the websites of 27 municipalities do not meet the European requirement. 3 municipalities mention nothing about accessibility.Status of websites year after date

Last year we checked a number of websites. The status: the report is still not accessible with the an investigation has been carried out. The statement was not subsequently updated and it is also not clear whether all issues from the report have been sufficiently

according to the statement, an investigation was conducted on October 15, 2020. After that statement has not been updated. It is unclear whether the improvements have taken place.

Background information on this research

The calculation method corresponds to the monitor from 2020. This year an estimate was made based on all web addresses from various sources. This leaves about 7000 unique addresses after merging and cleaning.


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