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Connected Health and eHealth

It was pointed out that the term connected health can be considered a synonym for telemedicine, but with greater importance given to the aspects of cost reduction, quality and efficiency of health services, as well as with greater importance given to patients and their need.

Therefore, connected health is also configured as a branch of eHealth, with the same objectives and characteristics as seen above.Connected HealthConnected health in Italy was also discussed at the important Wired Health event in Milan. During the presentation it emerged that:

“Today tools such as apps dedicated to health are used only by 12% of the Italian population. In addition, there is an additional 12% who have used them in the past but have stopped. And this is obviously a point of attention ”. Nicola Neri, CEO of Ipsos, said. “68% of Italians would use connected health if the doctor recommended it. Which 60% of doctors did. ”

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A Scuola di OpenCoesione (ASOC) is an innovative educational path aimed at promoting and developing principles of active and conscious citizenship in Italian schools, through research and civic monitoring of European and national public funding.

The project allows the development of digital, statistical and civic education skills, to help students learn and communicate, with the help of journalistic techniques, such as public policies, and in particular cohesion policies, intervene in the places where they live.

Teachers and students participate in the project with the support of the ASOC territorial networks, formed by the Europe Direct and CDE centers, the organizations of the “Friends of ASOC” and the local

Istat representatives, and all compete for the awarding of prizes and awards, including travel education in Brussels at the European institutions or guided visits to the Senate of the Republic, as well as educational and experiential opportunities, online and face-to-face, and much more thanks to regional collaborations and the support of the numerous project partners.

At the end of each school year, the best teams are involved in a final awarding event which is in turn an opportunity for visits, exchanges and entertainment, during which the entire community is rewarded.


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