Fundamental differences


The Declarations”We are working with great passion and intensity to implement a radical transformation of Autostrade per l’Italia. Technological innovation, digitalization of infrastructures and their management,

environmental sustainability and mobility services to connect our networks with the territory are the guidelines that inspire us and that are transforming our company into a European-level integrated mobility operator. It was a duty and fundamental that the first objective achieved concerned the safety of the infrastructures we are managing.

I thank the Autostrade Tech team for their work and IBM and Fincantieri for the support they have given us. Together we will be able to immediately make the new platform available to a European and international market. It is, in fact, a small Copernican revolution, “said the CEO of Autostrade per l’Italia, Roberto Tomasi.

“Technologies such as artificial intelligence, together with consolidated civil engineering skills, can help us face most of the transformation challenges we are experiencing, assisting operators in the more efficient management of civil infrastructures.

In particular, the project carried out with Autostrade Tech and Fincantieri NexTech, aims to support operators and professionals in making better, more effective and efficient decisions. This innovation, based on

IBM Maximo Application Suite, will bring real benefits that the country needs today. We will continue to work with IBM Research, as well as strategic partners specializing in civil infrastructure engineering, to evaluate and advance our products.

These civil engineering assistance tools will continue to become increasingly powerful in identifying failures and assessing risk. We plan to deliver further advancements of this AI in mid-2021 and will continue to improve them over time, ”said Enrico Cereda, President and CEO of IBM Italy.

The Chief Executive Officer of Fincantieri Giuseppe Bono commented: “This agreement confirms the validity of the strategy of expanding our skills, a path that has allowed us over time to strengthen the Group and to always work with leading partners, in this circumstance Autostrade and IBM.

We have an extraordinary wealth of know-how in many areas, gained through the management of very complex processes and projects and therefore we are proud, through the high technological level we express, to contribute to pursuing the goal of increasingly secure networks “.

Bono concluded: “In this action we find the great attention of the Government, specifically the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, which closely follows our action and at the service of which we can achieve very important objectives for the growth of the country”.

The growth of the digital world and the consequent birth of digital marketing has led companies to transform and adapt to a new way of communicating with their customers by exploiting the advent of social media.

Today the branches of marketing are innumerable and among these the influencer marketing stands out, which exploits the audience of an influencer to increase the value of their brand and the volume of their profits.What is influencer marketing

As already mentioned, influencer marketing is a form of marketing which, as the word itself implies, is based on the influence that a subject has on the purchasing power of a group of people called audiences or followers; a bit like the Testimonials in the 90s, albeit with some  that we will see later.

Therefore, influencer marketing should always be included in the budget items of your campaign because it makes the most of the new communication channels and above all is based on the concept of the consumer at the center which is essential for success these days.


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